How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text on Android: Leave Group Chat Android

Group text messages are always annoying, so many people sending random messages and you as an individual, imposed to read the messages. Most of the users find it annoying and wish to find out a way to leave a group chat. But, is it possible to remove yourself from a group text android? How can you leave a group chat on Android? Let’s find out here.

How to remove yourself from an annoying group chat?
How to remove yourself from an annoying group chat?

Group chat or Group messaging is a method to send a text message to multiple contacts by creating a group with multiple recipients.

But, unlike Whatsapp group and other messages services this group chat is initiated by created a messaging group using the default messaging app on Android and iPhone How to Group chat or messaging.

You can read more about creating a group and send a text message to multiple contacts at once How to Group chat or messaging on Android.

How do I get out of a group text?
How do I get out of a group text?-Source: Google Forum

How to Leave a Group Text on Android

Unlike many standard messaging and group chat services, it is not possible to leave a group chat on Android. This is just a glitch or drawback of Android group messaging that you can’t get out of a group text on your own.

In order to get rid of text message group on Android you either need to ask the group creator to remove your number from the group or you might keep your mobile in silent mode.

However, you can find several articles and post claiming to help you to remove yourself from a group text.

Moreover, if you are getting irritated by message tone ringing every now and then, here is the good news for you. You can actually mute group message on Android.



How to Mute a Group Text on Android

To mute a group text in Android

  • Tap on the Group conversation
  • Select “Hide Conversation” at the top-down menu.

This will keep your group messaging silent but still, you will receive the messages every time the participants respond or send a message in the group.

Leaving Group Conversation on Facebook Messanger

Most of the users have moved from the standard group text message app to Facebook messenger group conversations, and so the spammers have. Luckily, there is a method to leave a group conversation on Facebook messengers.

Leaving a group conversation is quite easy and you can easily remove yourself from group conversation on Facebook messenger. however, people can still add you back in the group unless you block the person.

To Remove yourself from Group conversation

  1. On Andriod Mobile or Tablet Open Messenger App
  2. Scroll down to “options“.
  3. Tap on “Leave chat
  4. Tap on “Leave” again to confirm.


This will remove you from the group chat on messenger. However, you will still be able to read the old chat and messages in the group. But, you will not be able to respond or read the new messages sent by other participants on the group.

Leaving the Group Text on Android: Final Words

Android group text messaging was introduced to stay connected with dear ones at the same time. But, soon the spammers found this trick to send spam messages. This ends up annoying people and people started to search a method to quit a group text message or simply leave the group text chat. But unfortunately, it is not possible to leave the group chat on Android. Still, you can mute it.