How to block robocalls on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Receiving a robocall is always annoying. The robot calls that are mostly spams are hard to handle. We always keep searching for effective methods to block these robocalls.

Sadly, the US enforcement and reporting system are not strong enough to filter these calls. As such, Samsung has introduced a new Smart call feature that can help you to get rid of a robotic automated call completely.

Before we proceed let me tell you, although most of the robocalls you receive are spam. But, some of them may be from your bank branch or the insurance firm you have opted for.

Block Robocalls on Samsung Galaxy With Smart Call

Samsung has been working on call monitoring system for years. They have improved the spam call detection system with a new smart call feature.

The filter allows your Galaxy phone to auto-detect an incoming call and treat it accordingly. Samsung’s Smart Call feature provides real-time detection of spam calls and automatically blocks them.

How to enable Samsung Smart Call to block Robocalls?

If you keep getting annoying robocalls and spam calls from the same numbers, you can choose to block each of those numbers one by one. It can be a bit of a hassle because you have to do it for every number, but the steps involved are straightforward.

  1. Open the Phone app on your Samsung
  2. Tap the number you want to block
  3. Tap on the Block button at the bottom to block the caller.

block robocalls on samsung galaxy

The call will be automatically rejected next time you receive the call from this blocked number.

You can also choose to block all incoming calls outside your contact list. This means incoming calls from unknown numbers will be rejected automatically that includes robocalls as well.

But, make sure to block these numbers from voicemail as well, or else these calls will be redirected to your voicemail once rejected(depending on the call forwarding conditions.)

How to block calls from all unknown and private numbers

You can simply blanket ban all unknown and private numbers if you are a person who doesn’t like surprise calls at all.

All you need is to toggle some buttons on your Galaxy and Boom! all incoming calls from unknown or private numbers will be rejected automatically.

Here, make sure you block the number on Voicemail as well else you might end up with a memory full notification from your voicemail.

This is how you block calls from all unknown and private numbers on Samsung phones;

  1. Open the phone apps.
  2. Launch settings from the action menu.
  3. Now toggle the “Block unknown/Private numbers” button on.

block unknown and private numbers

How to call From a Private number?

What are Robocalls?

Robocalls are generally generated by a SIP phone that calls to a given number that is programmed to play a pre-recorded audio voice typically read by a voice engine.

These devices are provided a script to read and speak with the help of speak engines.

Why do You Get Robocalls?

The data brokers are always there to look for your number. They usually don’t track your personal information on social media.

Data brokers are companies that specialize in scraping the internet for personal information.

They package all of the information they scrape online and sell it for profit on the open market. This is how your data ends up in the hands of scammers and spammers.

Can I call back a robocall number?

It is not possible to call back a robocall number as the number is randomly generated by a machine. Calling back to a robocall number might return an IVR error message “This number is unallocated“.

How to track back a robocall?

You can use a caller ID app on your device, that displays the information about the incoming call. Also, there are services like reverse phone lookup that can help you to track back the number.

Blocking robocalls and spam calls- Long-Term Solution

What you might not know is that these data brokers not only share your information with scammers but also with people search websites.

This means that anyone who wants to find your court records, arrest records, property information, financial details, and more can easily do so by visiting a website and clicking a few buttons.

It is better to remove your personal numbers from the internet to get rid of robocalls.

It is always better to keep a separate number for all your personal affairs including receiving important calls and messages from authorities, family and others.



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