How to Block Caller ID on Android and call from Private Number

Learn to block caller ID and call from a private number. Hide your mobile number while making a call on Android and let the receiver go paranoid. This article explains all about the Caller ID and how to block caller ID on your Android phone.

How to hide Caller ID on Android

How to Block Caller ID on Android

Blocking caller ID on Android allows you to place the call without showing your mobile number on the receiver’s number. We all have seen in movies where a protagonist received the call from a “private number”. Well, it is quite easy to hide your number while calling on a number.

You can block your number when calling. The receiver phone will see your number as “Private Number” rather than the caller’s number. This is quite fancy and the dream of every mobile phone holder. So, how to do it? How to hide your number while calling from Android?

But, before we begin, let’s learn a bit about called ID thing.

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How does Caller ID work?

Caller ID provides a digital display of the name and number of an incoming call. It uses online databases, and caller identification tech to identify callers before anyone picks up.

Caller ID outputs up to fifteen characters for a name and ten digits for a phone number.

Caller Phone Number Identification and Name Identification are the two basic functions of caller ID.

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How to Block Caller ID

Blocking caller ID pretty much depends on the career provider and type of subscription you have. It’s also dependent on the network tower your Android is connected with. Once enabled and supported by the network you can block your number when calling to any number.

To Block Caller ID and Hide your Number While Calling

  • Open the Voice app on Android
  • Open settings by tapping three horizontal lines on top
  • Turn Anonymous Caller ID Under Calls

In addition, you can also add a prefix “*67” before the mobile number to hide your caller ID and make your number private. Also, don’t forget to check the list of best caller ID apps to identify the unknown caller.

Turn this off back if you want to show your number again.

Telemarketers and promotional agencies are well now to call using a VoIP app in order to hide their number. Any call without a Caller ID is displayed on the mobile screen as “unknown caller” or restricted number. (Know more about Restricted Phone calls)

Does * 67 still work?

Dial *67 Before the Number You Want to Call

If you use this method to hide your caller ID from someone saved in your contacts, you’ll need to make a note of their number (or copy it to the clipboard) first. Then type (or paste) it into the phone app manually, with *67 at the beginning of it.

*67 has nothing to do with whether you’ve blocked the number or not, it just tells your carrier to not send your caller. It works with any number. Read more: Does * 67 still works?

Block Caller ID-FAQ

How do I hide my number on an Android phone?

You can hide your number on Android simply by enabling the Caller ID block under call settings.

How do you make your mobile number private?

You can make your number private by simply disabling caller ID on your Smartphone.

What number do you use to make your number private?

You can use the prefix *67 before dialing a number from Smartphone to make your mobile number private.

Does 141 hide your number on a mobile?

Hiding your number while calling is not associated with any special number code. It is pretty much dependent on the carrier and network type.

Does * 67 still work?

Yes, The free number prefix '*67' still works to hide your mobile number while calling, You will have to dial *67 each time you want your number blocked.



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