Reverse Phone Lookup: Ways To Find Who Called You From This Phone Number

Reverse Phone Number Lookup is a process to look for the identity of the number. People receive several calls on a daily basis. Some calls are identified while others are unidentified and lefts you astonished. In such here comes the Reverse Phone Number Lookup tool that can help you to know details about any phone number that called you.

Reverse Phone lookup tools

We often received several calls on our mobile phones. Some of them are identified by the caller ID app on the device, while other calls might be marked as unknown caller or no caller ID.

In such, you might need a reverse phone number lookup tool to find who called you from this phone number by tracking the number and details.

Here is a detailed guide to identifying a phone number using free and paid reverse phone lookup tools. But before we proceed, let’s start with a quick intro to reverse phone lookup, what is it, and how to use them.

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A reverse phone lookup tool is used to search for the number to identify the number and revel  the idetity of the caller. 

What is Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup is a process to search for the phone number details to identify the owner, network provider, country of origin and other details about the number.

These tools can help you to identify a number that can be helpful and life-saving by identifying if the call is from a genuine caller or a scammer or spammer who tends to hide the caller ID to con you.

In simple words, a reverse phone lookup tool is a search engine that helps you to know who called you from that phone number irrespective of either a landline or mobile phone number.

How do Reverse Phone Lookup Tools Works?

A reverse phone lookup tool is easy to use, all you need is to input the number and let the tool look for the information about the number available on the database.

Once the most appropriate match is found, it will display all the information about the number.

These tools work for landline and mobile phone numbers as well. Also, Reverse phone number lookups can be an invaluable tool for protecting your safety and well-being.

how does reverse phone lookup work

Depending on the tools and the service provided here is the information a reverse phone lookup tool can provide;

  • The city and state of the area code.
  • The city/location of the first three digits of the phone number.
  • The original company that provisioned (owns) the phone number.
  • Whether the phone number is a landline, a cell phone, or serves some other use.
  • When the phone number first came in to use.

With an overabundance of spam calls, telemarketers, ever-evolving scammers, and overwhelming access to cell phones, it is more important than ever to be aware of who has access to your contact information.

Here we have listed the top Free and Paid Reverse phone number lookup tools you can use at your convenience to find the identity of a call.

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List of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tools

List of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tools
List of Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tools-Free/Paid

There are several reverse phone number lookup tools available online you can use to identify any number including landline and mobile phone numbers as well. Some of them are free and useful while others are paid with significant advantages and disadvantages.

  1. TruePeopleSearch– Best for reverse phone lookups on mobile
  2. Numlooker– Who Called You From This Phone Number
  3. PeopleFinders– Best for secure searching
  4. TruthFinder– Best for reverse phone lookups on mobile
  5. Instant CheckmateBest for big batch searches
  6. SearchPeopleFreeFind out who is calling me
  7. FastPeopleSearchFree online person search tool
  8. Whitepages– Search Public Records Database
  9. Beenverified– Best for a single report
  10. spokeoSearch by name, phone, address, or email
  11. US SearchBest for diverse reporting
  12. Intelius– Best for Social network results
  13. ZabaSearch– comprehensive background check site
  14. NumLookupA free reverse phone lookup

Read the detailed guide and features of these reverse phone lookup tools.

1. TruePeopleSearch

reverse phone number lookup tool 1. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is one of the best fastest growing reverse phone number lookup tools across the country. With a user base of more than 4.3 million users, TruePeopleSearch is listed on the top 100 sites in USA.

TruePeopleSearch is a free people search engine to find the details about the number who called you. The website helps you to find personal information that includes full name, phone number history, relatives, aliases and other contact information. You can also find criminal records for that person.

The website is handy for a registered user with an option of going anonymous. Sadly, you cannot save the search result on the website but with detailed information, it’s a must-try tool for tracking the number details.


  • Get a list of people found on the TruePeopleSearch website.
  • Compare each person to other people found on the website.
  • Click on a photo to see a larger detailed image of that person.
  • Click on an attribute to see more information about that person, such as date of birth, family members and other contact information.

Price: Free

2. Numlooker

reverse phone number lookup tool 2. Numlooker

Numlooker is a great website for people who want to know who is calling before they decide to take that call. Clear interface that let’s you search for the phone number instantly.

This free reverse phone lookup tool is one of the most effective and tiny websites to know the details about a number including landline and mobile numbers as well.

The website has two modes first is automatic where you can see the information about an incoming call on your screen as soon as an incoming call is received while using Manual Mode requires that you push a button to reveal the caller ID.

The tool comes in handy to save yourself from spam callers and avoid telecallers.


  • View Caller ID of all incoming calls
  • Check the recording date of incoming calls (in case you ever need to find out who called)
  • View the phone company’s ID for all incoming calls (assuming you used the enable switch at start-up).

Price: Free

3. PeopleFinders

Reverse Phone lookup 3. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is basically a reverse phone directory for over 25 million businesses including company addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites of both local and national companies.

Search for the businesses using a reverse phone number lookup method to know details about the business. The website also shows all the related information about the business regarding business filings, legal documents, and social media profiles.

PeopleFinders incorporates all the valuable information in one searchable directory where it is easy to find the desired company.


  • Local and national business directory
  • Search all kinds of businesses
  • Reverse phone lookups

Price: Paid With 3-day trial version.

4. TruthFinder

reverse phone number lookup tool 4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is another useful tool to know who called you from this number. A free tool that allows you to search for the call history of mobile number.

The truth Finder has its website and application version as well, so you can use it on your Windows computer and Android or iOS mobile phones as well.

This reverse phone number search tool it’s more than a tool as it acts as a dedicated caller ID for mobile device as well that displays information about the caller as soon as there is an incoming call.

Apparently giving you the liberty to choose whether to answer the phone or it goes to voicemail or simply reject it.

It is free to download, though there are in-app purchases that can provide more information for users who want more than just the basics that come with the free version.


  • Identifies if the number is from a landline or mobile phone, and where it’s from.
  • Shows you the name of the caller on the screen.
  • Shows you their physical address, phone number, and cell carrier.

Price: Free & paid

5. Instant Checkmate (Search & Reverse Phone Lookup)

reverse phone number lookup tool 5. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a reverse search engine with public records that provides information about the people around the globe just by searching the number. Now it’s not a hustle anymore to know about the people who called you whether they are spam, or a Telemarketer.

Instant Checkmate is one of the perfect tools to search for the person using their phone number.

This service is perfect for finding out who called you unsolicited. This service is also great for determining the whereabouts of someone you don’t know or tracking down telemarketers.


  • Blocks Unwanted Calls
  • Fingerprint Searches
  • Criminal Records Search

Price: Free

6. SearchPeopleFree

SearchPeopleFree is another free reverse phone search tool that has a variety of features, uses the best technology, and is updated frequently. Find out who the callers are with just two clicks.

SearchPeopleFree is the only phone call ID service that does not rely on Caller ID or private information about you to place an ID or identify a caller.

Apparently, a great resource for finding out who called you from this phone number.


  • If you want, you can answer the call without being charged
  • Caller ID to see who calls you
  • SearchPeopleFree can block numbers that are no longer in use or inappropriate for your lifestyle!
  • You can listen to voicemails and save them to your phone or computer! (Use the Audio tab, then follow the prompts)

Price: Free

7. FastPeopleSearch-Free People Search & Reverse Phone Lookup

FastPeopleSearch is a free online person search tool that provides you with information on people who have called your phone, texted you, or emailed you and much more.

This free reverse number lookup tool is a nice tool to know people around you.

The tool has been in the service since 13 years with a huge database of people you can search for using their phone number.

Unknown numbers calling you can be irritating at times. It could be anyone, from a telemarketer or a bill collector. It’s not a good idea to answer the phone only for it to be someone you don’t know. Reverse phone lookups can help you identify the person calling without having to answer.

It is easy to identify the caller with FastPeopleSearch. FastPeopleSearch allows you to do a free phone number search, just like a Google search. It is much easier to find details about landlines than other types of device types.

The phone book contains all information about the landline number holder, just as it was in the past. These details can be retrieved easily by using the free reverse phone number lookup.


  • A call log of all people in your address book.
  • Information on recent calls including phone numbers, age, gender, occupation/profession, email address, company name and more.
  • Contact names are displayed with photos beside them so you can contact them right away.

Price: Free & Paid

8. Whitepages

Whitepages is a great resource for finding out who called you from this phone number. Whitepages is a seriously free reverse phone lookup service that provides more information than other lookup services.

Reverse-Phone-lookup-8 Whitepages

The common information shows search statistics, scam/fraud ratings, lien records, maiden names, carrier information, etc.

This free lookup tool can display all the information regarding the number including name, address, location, email address, and carrier provider as well.

Whitepages-reverse number lookup feature

Price: Free

9. Beenverified

reverse phone number lookup tool 9. Beenverified

If you’re trying to figure out who called me from this phone number, then Beenverified is probably the right place to search for the details.

BeenVerified is one of the most popular reverse phone number lookup tools on the market. By entering the phone number, you’ll receive the report in minutes, which usually includes the name of the owner, current addresses, social media profiles, and more.

The company also launched additional mobile applications including a reverse number look up called NumberGuru.

Founded in 2007, Josh Levy and Ross Cohen launched BeenVerified in 2009 and began advertising on national television, as well as on the back of garbage trucks.

BeenVerified ranked #26 on the Inc. 5000 list for 2013, including being named the fastest-growing company in New York.

BeenVerified uses traditional background methods in addition to Web 2.0 and social networking to return results to a requesting user. Users enter the name and/or email address of the person they are requesting information on and are given information from public records and other privately licensed databases of public record information.


  • Multitude of services, like background checks and reverse phone lookups.
  • Cheaply obtain public records
  • Reverse email search
  • People search

Price: Paid/$14.48 – $26.89 per month


  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Set up alerts for profile changes
  • Mobile app available


  • Uses existing, public information
  • Limited hours for customer support

10. spokeo

reverse phone lookup tool 10. spokeo

spokeo is a reverse phone lookup tool probably the only website that allows you to check the call history of a given number.

All you need is to enter the number followed by area code and the advanced reverse search engine with display all the call details of the number along with incoming and outgoing call in last 30 days.

You can also see some info for each caller, including their name and email address. If you ever want to know who called you from this number, this website is the last solution.


  • Cheapest reverse phone search platforms
  • Search for unknown number
  • Let you rate and review the number in database


  • Free reverse phone number lookup
  • Helpful advanced filtering tools
  • Notifies you of any profile changes


  • Only scans in the USA
  • Possibly auto-bills after free trial

Price: 7 Day Free Trial/Starts at $17.95/month

11. US Search

reverse phone number lookup tool 11. US Search

US Search is a great reverse lookup tool to reconnect with old friends, Build your contacts and find out who is calling you.

Launched in 1993, US SEARCH was made available to the public to locate long lost friends and family members using phone number. The tools is probably the best tool for easy and affordable public records.

US Search is exceptionally fast and simple to use for background and reverse phone searches, giving a first-rate user experience at every step of the process.

Just enter the phone number to the reverse phone lookup, US Search will scan carefully chosen data points and include the most updated information possible. What makes US Search stand out is that they scan not only public records, but also obtain information from private data sources.


  • Fast and simple
  • Provides most recent results
  • Scans for private data sources

Price:  7-day free trial/Starts at $14.95/mo


  • Over 25 years in the business
  • Access private & public records
  • 256-bit encrypted connection


  • Slow report loading
  • Need to register to view results

12. Intelius

reverse phone number lookup tool 12. Intelius


  • Reconnect with old friends
  • Check someone’s criminal record
  • Find out who is behind the number calling you
  • Look up Potential Relationships

Price: Free/Paid


  • Unlimited searches with one monthly fee
  • Information is drawn from the most recent records

Cons: N/A

13. ZabaSearch Free People Search

reverse phone number lookup tool 13. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is more than a reverse phone lookup tool that helps you to track the details about a person using their phone number. It also let’s you search for people and information using name, email address, area or even birth date etc.

The majority of the links on the page lead to the paid services Intelius or US Search, although there are a few that don’t. Each name in Zabasearch has a “google” link next to it that you can click to conduct a Google search for the name.

The service comes with a free and premium service. Where free service is limited to some extent while with a ZabaSearch premium account you can perform some advanced searches with the most appropriate and accurate results.

Price: Free & Paid

14. NumLookup

reverse phone number lookup tool 14. NumLookup

NumLookup now allows you to perform a free reverse phone lookup. Enter the phone number that you want to lookup and click the “NumLookup” button. NumLookup is an entirely free tool to search for phone numbers. NumLookup is free to use.

Are you curious about who called you? NumLookup is the best reverse lookup service available for Cell Phones, VOIP & Landlines. It is 100% free. Discover why NumLookup is used by millions of Americans to find out who called them. The website guarantees that you won’t find a better White Pages service for US telephone numbers.

NumLookup has a partnership with all major mobile and telephone companies around the globe.

This partnership allows NumLookup direct API calls to the phone company that operates the number to identify the owner’s name. This allows us to offer the most popular phone number lookup in the world.


  • Free API Calls
  • Available for all major platforms including mobile devices.

Price: Free Trial & Paid

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Is there a free reverse lookup for phone numbers?

There are several free reverse phone lookup tools available online but a free tool is limited to the service classified as information accuracy and amount of result data displayed.

Reverse Phone Lookup Free VS Paid

Many people seem confused as to whether or not reverse cell phone searches are worth it. Some people do their searches with a free reverse cell phone lookup whereas others advocate the use of paid services.

If you opt for the free reverse sites, it’s a safer option but you might be disappointed. Free reverse phone number directories offer a huge database of phone numbers available in the public domain.

Yet, it is nearly impossible to trace unlisted numbers or cell phone numbers with free services. In addition, most phone number directories are very similar, not offering a huge range of variety at all.

Pros Of Free Reverse Phone Lookup

  • They are free to use and you do not have to become a member to use them.

Cons Of Free Reverse Phone Lookup

  • They cannot trace unlisted, non-published or cell phone numbers. They cannot give you access to the latest cell phone numbers as they are not updated very often.

Pros Of Paid Reverse Phone Lookup

  • They can do a reverse search both for residential and mobile phone numbers.
  • They can trace unlisted and non-published numbers.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee option.

Cons Of Paid Reverse Phone Lookup

  • You have to become a member.
  • There is a small one-time fee to cover all the costs.

Is reverse phone lookup safe?

Using a reverse phone lookup tool is completely safe as it has nothing to do with your privacy. On the contrary, it is a useful tool to track spammers and fraudsters including restricted numbers or calls with no caller ID.

All background check sites reviewed here follow clear rules defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Many of them are also very transparent when it comes to your privacy and security, and provide tips on how to protect your data.

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Reasons to Use a Phone Number Lookup

Reasons to Use a Phone Number Lookup

  • Find out a caller’s identity- A reverse phone lookup is helpful to reveal the identity of the caller and can help you to know the intention of the caller and determine whether you should answer it or not.
  • Discover an affair- This may sound funny but more than 50% of couples are suspicious about their partner and what to know if their partner is cheating.
    In such a reverse phone lookup tool can help you to track a call that goes on mute if you answer them and they start talking if the cheating partner answers the call.
  • Run a background check on someone- A genius background check may be required to run when you are willing to go for a business partnership, sponsorship employee, or neighbor. In such a reverse phone lookup tool can come handy to do the research.
  • Locate relatives of a person- There are countless reasons you might need to reach out to someone’s relatives.
    You might be looking for a next of kin to deliver bad news, want to organize a surprise party without tipping off the person, or perhaps a person you urgently need to speak with isn’t available so you want to try their partner or kids.
    Whatever your reason, the best reverse phone lookup services reveal phone numbers and other contact information for close relatives.
  • Find the address of a business- Sometimes you know a business or person only by their phone number.
    If you need to visit or send mail to that business/person, then a phone number search may be the quickest way of finding their physical address.
  • Spot Spammers- A repetitive call from a number selling you a product or service at a lucrative price is always suspicious. To check the legitimacy of the caller, it’s a good idea to use a reverse phone tool to track the spammer and make a wise decision.

Besides these, there are several other reasons you might find a reverse phone lookup tool useful for you. Maybe the curiosity or the urge to check the details of your own number on the internet and so far.


What Information Can I Get From a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

The exact information provided by a reverse phone lookup site can vary slightly depending on the public records that are accessible to each company.

Some companies offer search reports which give explicit contact information like an e-mail address or a place of work. These services typically advertise themselves as useful for those wishing to connect with old friends or long-lost family members.

How Accurate is a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

Any company that advertises reverse phone number searching is utilizing publicly available records. These records can come from any number of sources: including courthouses, jails, loan agencies, banks, social media, employment firms, and even hospitals. These records, at their core, are entirely accurate.

The difficulty lies in accurately compiling thousands of records without including accidental or extraneous information. For this reason, phone number searches can be more accurate than typical personal information databases.

There is a significantly higher chance of including incorrect information when, for example, a common name is input into the search terms as opposed to a standardized telephone number

Can People Conduct Reverse Phone Number Lookups with My Information?

While this may cause anxiety for some, it is important to remember that phone number lookup services do not own, or even store, your information.

There is no more issue of privacy when utilizing phone number lookup services than one might find in the intake records of a county prison; the information provided, while potentially sensitive, is already freely available.

Nevertheless, our digital footprint is a very personal one. There are steps you can take in order to prevent services from accessing your personal information. Most reputable reverse phone lookup services will, in fact, detail the process of removing your information from their searchable databases.

Are Reverse Phone Number Lookups Legit?

Reverse phone lookup sites are quickly becoming more mainstream, especially as so much of our day-to-day life is accessed digitally.

If you are in need of the best phone lookup service, accurate information at a reasonable cost is an important factor in determining the correct company for you.

Reverse phone number sites are perfectly legal, and only compile publicly available information into an easy-to-review report.

What if you can’t get the number online?

If you are being harassed by a scammer, contact local law enforcement. File a complaint, and see a lawyer about getting a subpoena.

If you need the number for other reasons, and you’re prepared to really pay out for it (usually at least $500, in our research), when we suggest hiring a local private investigator to assist you.

Other Methods to Find Who Called You From This Phone

Apart from reverse phone number lookup, there are several other methods to find the number details about the number and find the owner or caller ID of the number.

Google Reverse Search

Google is not only a search engine for tutorials and information but it can also help you to find the detail of a number. You just simply use the google search bar to type the number you need to find the details about and you will find all the details associated with the number.

Dial *69 After Receiving A Call

Another method to track the last received call details is to dial *69 after you have received the call. This is usually available on all modern smartphones including Android and iPhone.

Also, the trick works only within 30 minutes of receiving the call.

After you’ve entered the code, you should receive a recording that lists the number and will give you the option to dial it by pressing “1”. It’s important to note that the exact service can vary depending on your phone service provider.

Check Voicemail

If you suspect a number to be spam or malicious, it’s always a better idea to let the call go unanswered to voicemail. Especially, when there is no caller ID on the device.

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However, it’s most likely that the call was either a telemarketer trying to sell you something or a robocall trying to spam you. Most of the time, spam calls won’t leave a voicemail, but some of them do. It can be somewhat tricky trying to determine if the voicemail is legitimate or a scam.

Reverse Phone number lookup is used to identify a caller using the number. It is used to identify and unmask the caller using the number. All you need is to put the number on the search bar and wait for the result. There are several free and paid reverse phone number lookup tools with certain restrictions and credentials.

Final Words:

A reverse phone lookup is your best bet if you want to learn more about an unknown number. It should yield information on the individual behind the number, if the line is a mobile one, landline, or VoIP, as well as information about the network carrier. Like most online services, phone number lookup services come in a range of price points–from free to premium.