How to Forward Calls on Android: Android Call Forwarding

The call forwarding feature on a smartphone allows you to forward all the incoming calls to a specific number or voicemail. There are several conditions you can use while configuring the call forwarding on Android. Learn to configure and set up call forwarding on Android. 

Call forwarding is one of the basic features which has been available since the beginning of the smartphone era. A call-forwarding feature on mobile phones allows users to forward any incoming calls to an assigned number without even worrying about missing a call.

Call forward on Android

Call forwarding is however the basic feature associated with carrier provide and is available to any feature or smartphone. But here we shall discuss call forwarding on Android phones specifically.

Call Forwarding on Android

A call forwarding on Android can help you to configure the settings to forward a call to any assigned number or voicemail and set the conditions.

There are several conditions you can use to configure the call forwarding as per your requirements.

You can choose to forward the incoming calls as per your preferences. You can set the conditions to forward the calls like when the Android phone is busy or not reachable or switched off.

Settings To Forward Calls on Android

The call forwarding is available on all mobile phones including ANodid as well. But, it is not available easily or you may say forwarding a call on Android is a bit tricky. Tricky but not difficult.

Follow the steps below to forward calls on Android.

  1. Open dialer app on Android smartphone.
  2. Open the hamburger menu by tapping on three verticle lines on the top right corner of the app screen.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. On the next screen, select Calling accounts
  5. Now select the SIM you want to activate the call forwarding for.
  6. Select Call forwarding.
  7. Here choose the conditions when you want your Android to forward the call. (Read the condition table below)
  8. Select the condition as per your desire.
  9. Enter the number to which you need to forward the calls.
  10. Press OK to confirm your actions.

How to Forward Calls to Voicemail on Android?

Congratulations, you have successfully activated call forwarding on your Android. Now all incoming calls will be forwarded to the given number as per the conditions chosen.

Call Forwarding conditions.

Condition Operation
BusyAll the incoming calls are sent to a pre-assigned number or Voicemail if the phone line is currently busy.
Not ReachableAll the incoming calls are sent to a pre-assigned number or if the phone is not accessible.
Individual UserThe pre-assigned individual caller will be sent to a pre-assigned number or voicemail automatically.(Only available for Verizon users)
AlwaysAll the incoming calls are sent to a pre-assigned number or Voicemail rather than ringing the phone.

Use MMI Code to Forward Calls

You can use the MMI code to forward calls on Android as well. The MMI code depends on the carrier provider you are on. Here is the list of call-forwarding MMI codes for popular carrier providers.

Forwards ServiceActivateRetain
Unconditional call forwarding*21*[phone number]#Forwards all incoming call to given number
Call forwarding when no pick up*61*[phone number]#Forward incoming calls when call goes unaswer
Call forwarding when the line is busy*67*[phone number]#Forward incoming calls when dialed number is busy without activating call waiting
Call forwarding when out of range*62*[phone number]#Forward incoming calls when dialed number is out of range

Use Call Forwarding Apps For Android

However, you are not required to use any app to forward calls on Android. But still, there are several call-forwarding apps for android you can download from play store directly.

1. Call Divert

Call Divert is one of the best call-forwarding app for Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Android Pixel. The app has both manual and automatic that allows the user to select the call forwarding based on the current call configuration.

Easy to use UI and easy to set up the app is a must-try call-forwarding app for your android smartphone.

Download Call Divert from Play store

Call Divert - Forwarding
Call Divert - Forwarding
Developer: Appshive
Price: Free

2. Forward My Calls

As the name suggests itself Forward My Calls is a call-forwarding app for Android. This is one of the oldest call-forwarding apps since the Android 4.x era. Older but still quite useful, the app is easy to configure and use. 

The user is required to enter the current mobile number in order to configure the call forwarding on Android. 

The main USP of the app is to let you forward calls when the android is connected to wifi. This condition is not available for standard call forwarding configuration.

Download Forward My Calls for Play Store

Forward My Calls
Forward My Calls
Developer: AndroidSTT
Price: Free

3. Call Forwarding

This is not some ordinary call-forwarding app for Android. The app allows you to forward calls on Android by just sending a text message to the mobile. This call-forwarding app can also be used to forward messages on Android as well. 

4. Easy Call Forwarding

One of the best and simple call forwarding app for android to forward calls on android easily and effectively.

You can set your calls to be forwarded in a multitude of situations, including forwarding every call you receive, forwarding your calls when you receive a call while you aren’t around, and even forwarding your calls when you’re unable to be reached. 

How to enable Selective Call Forwarding on Android?

How to Forward VOIP calls to Mobile Phone?

VoIP calls are escalated by internet protocol. These calls are placed using active internet calls. These calls are usually used by call centers or business providers.

Forward VOIP calls android

In order to forward VoIP calls pick up your office phone and dial *72.

Once you hear the tone, dial the cell phone number that you want to receive your forwarded calls.

Once the cell phone answers, then call forwarding is enabled. Simply dial *73 on your office phone to disable the forwarding.

This method works perfectly for Verizon mechanical phones. VoIP call forwarding setup is different for different carrier providers. Call your service providers for further instructions.

How to Block VoIP Calls on Android?

Android Call Forwarding-FAQ

How do I forward calls from my Samsung phone?

Call forwarding setup is quite identical on all smartphones including Samsung. Follow the steps above to forward calls from Samsung phones.

Is there an android app to forward calls?

No, you don’t need any third-party app for forwarding calls on Android. Just select the carrier you’re on, enter the number you want to divert your calls to, and you’re set to go.

Can I activate call forwarding remotely on Verizon?

Yes, you can always configure a call forwarding on Verizon remotely. Follow the steps here.

Final Words:

Call forwarding allows you to manage all the incoming calls without even bothering about missing an important call neither business calls nor personal.

The function is, however, has been in the origin since the introduction of cellular services. But, in the smartphone era and hectic scheduled life, call forwarding is a lifesaver.

You can easily configure your Android to forward calls to a specific number or voicemail. All you need is to set the permissions on select the conditions. 

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