gsiff_daemon Draining Battery Fast on Android- Troubleshoots

‘gsiff_daemon’ process taking up massive battery

gsiff_daemon is a service agent on Samsung Android phone that is related to gyroscope on the device. This daemon service is required to run other Samsung services like S health, Samsung applications, and Samsung payment on the device.

Users have reported gsiff_daemon process draining battery fast on the device without any clues. So, what is gsiff_daemon on your Samsung smartphone? What it is used for? What permission does gsiff_daemon have? Does gsiff_daemon cause a fast battery drain on the device? Let’s find the answers.

What is gsiff_daemon?

Android apps use different agents, daemons and services to access the required permission to use the hardware and sensors on the device like accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope etc.

gsiff_daemon is a daemons service on Samsung android devices required for other apps like Samsung Health to use the gyroscope on the device. Users have reported gsiff_daemon causing the fast draining of the battery on the device which is quite true up to an instance.

What is gsiff_daemon?
What is gsiff_daemon?

Note: A gyroscope sensor on android is used by the apps and service to use the gimble, motion detection and location services on the device.

Unified Daemon app vs Services

“In my informal testing I found that gsiff_daemon is somehow related to S Health (somehow keeps the sensors awake even if you’re not using the phone). I disabled S Health and sensor service and the problem went away. Easier for us unrooted types.” -Reddit User

Gsiff_daemon draining battery

gsiff_daemon is often suspected to use resources especially battery on the device. This is a native daemon service agent on a device accountable to allow the related apps to use gyroscope sensors. The service tends to keep running in the background causing fast battery draining on some devices.

Also, the battery drain caused by gsiff_daemon depends on the number of apps using the gyroscope on the device. This means more number of apps using gyroscope sensors, faster the gsiff_daemon will drain battery.

Gsiff_daemon draining battery
Battery drain caused by gsiff_daemon depends on the number of apps using the gyroscope on the device.

Sadly, there are no certain methods you can apply to stop gsiff_daemon from draining the battery but still, you can do some tricks to achieve the desired result. However, you can try uninstalling bloatware on Samsung to resolve battery draining issues.

How to stop gsiff_daemon?

You can’t use any official methods to uninstall or stop gsiff_daemon on the device. Still, if you find gsiff_daemon casing the fast battery drain, then here are few tricks you can use on your android to stop gsiff_daemon from running in the background.

1. Hot reboot your Samsung Android

Press and hold the power button on your android until you feel a little vibration on the device to hot reboot.

Hot rebooting forces the Android system to force close any app running in the background and keep only essential apps in the memory while booting.

This can also be helpful to kill the gsiff_daemon process and restrict it from loading into memory and keep it from running in the background apparently showing improvement in the battery life.

2. Rename gsiff_daemon

Renaming gsiff_daemon will keep the service from loading in the kernel while booting the device. Now, generally, it is not possible to access the file system to rename it. But still, you can use file explorer like ES file explorer to access the gsiff_daemon and rename it to some other name like gsiff_daemon.bak or something else.

Here is how you rename gsiff_daemon to gsiff_daemon.bak to stop it from loading into kernel.

  1. Download and Install ES File Explorer from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and browse to the system folder(browsing system folder on android)
  3. Locate gsiff_daemon and select rename from the options menu.
  4. Rename the file name to something else.
  5. Restart the device.

You will no longer see this service on top of your list of battery usage anymore.

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3. Disable apps using gyroscope sensors

The gsiff_daemon is accountable to help the apps to access and use the gyroscope sensors. Samsung apps like Samsung Health use these sensors to track the location and GPS of the device. Make sure to disable or force stop these apps when not in use.

This will not only keep triggering the use of gyroscope sensor but also may help you to combat the negative effect on battery caused by gsiff_daemon.

You can also consider disabling or force-stopping other apps listed below.


What causes my Android battery to drain fast?

There are several factors that may affect the battery draining on android. System apps, bloatware, Daemon services, etc. Also, a malicious code or hacking attack can cause your android to drain the battery faster.

What is a daemon service on Android?

A “daemon” is a process that runs in the background without owning a GUI. The main role of a daemon service on android is to provide essential hardware and sensor usability to the apps on the device.

Final Words:

gsiff_daemon is a daemon process service on Samsung android devices that is accountable to help other Samsung apps like S Health, Samsung pay and other apps to access and use gyroscope sensors on the device. Users have reported gsiff_daemon draining battery faster on the device. Sadly, it is not possible to disable it but you can stop it from draining the battery by disabling the apps using gyroscope sensors.