How to Reveal Saved WiFi Password on Android

All Android devices are connected to the internet through mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. We are here to discuss all methods of revealing the Wi-Fi passwords on Android mobiles so that you can use the password to connect another device to Wi-Fi.

In the modern era of the internet, every smart device is connected to the world wide web. You cannot imagine the world without the Internet.

From TV to smartphones every device is connected to the internet somehow. Talking about smartphones, Android is the most used mobile device in the world.

Find WiFi Password on Android root without root

How to Find WiFi Password on Android

Wi-Fi password is one of the most secure information saved on Android mobile which is nearly impossible to reveal.

In most cases, it is not possible to find Wi-Fi on an Android device without root access.

But still, there are plenty of other methods you can use to see the saved Wi-Fi password.

In most cases, you need to have root access in order to find the saved wi-Fi password on Android smartphones.

But still, some mobile manufacturing companies like MI allows user to reveal their password on Android device without root access.

Stick to the article, and we have discussed here all the possible methods to reveal the saved Wi-Fi password Android device with and without root access.

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How to Find WiFi Password on Android With Root Access

The saved Wi-Fi password on an Android device is stored in a certain hidden location which is not possible to access without rooting Android.

If you have root access, you can easily reveal the password by using standard File Explorer apps like ES Explorer and others. This is how to do it:

  • Download and install ES file explorer from Play store on Android mobile.
  • Now navigate to the following folder data\misc\wifi

ES Explorer show saved wifi password

  • Here open wpa_supplicant.conf.

open wpa_supplicant.conf

  • This will reveal the saved password of the wifi, your Android is currently connected to.

reveal SSID and saved wifi password

How to Find WiFi Password on Android With Root Access on PC

A rooted Android device is easy to tweak and reveal hidden apps and folders. You can also use a Windows PC to find saved Wi-fi on an Android smartphone. This method is quite identical to the previous one. This is how you perform it.

  1. Connect the rooted Android device to Windows PC using USB.
  2. Open Android Internal storage on the computer and type the following lines on adb “adb pull \data\misc\wifi\wpa_supplicant.conf C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\wpa_supplicant.conf”
  3. This will pull the “wpa_supplicant.conf” to your computer’s desktop
  4. Use any text editor like Notepad to open the file and find the wi-fi password.

Note: Make sure to Enable USB debugging mode after you have connected the Android to PC through USB cable.

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How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root Access?

All the latest Android phones running on Android 8 and later are equipped with standard QR codes to share wifi passwords across devices.

All you need is to generate a QR code for the connected wifi network and scan it on another Android device.

This will, however, not reveal the wifi password, but you can use this QR scan method to connect other devices with the same wifi network without having a wifi password.

This is how to do it:


  • Open settings


  • Go to wifi settings
  • Tap on the currently connected wifi network
  • Select Tap to Create QR code


open the QR Scanner on the other Android phone and scan the code to connect to the wifi network.

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Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root Access using Apps

There are several free apps available on Play store which are capable to reveal the saved wifi password on Android. Some of them are free and others are paid.

But, don’t you worry I shall feature the free Android apps to find saved wifi passwords on Android mobiles.

Using this app to reveal a saved wifi password doesn’t require you to root the Android and it’s free and easy to use.

Android apps to Find Saved wifi Password without Root

WPS WPA Tester is a wifi sneaking app that helps you to reveal wifi passwords on Android. The app is the best and most suitable to reveal the saved wifi password on Android.

All you need is to download the app from Play Store and follow the instruction below:

Download the WIFI WPS WPA TESTER from Play store

Developer: Sangiorgi Srl
Price: Free
  1. Launch the app from the App drawer and let the app scan all the wifi networks
  2. The app will display all the available wifi networks
  3. Tap and connect on the wifi network you want to reveal the password
  4. Now on the next popup, you will have two option Root or No root. Now simply select the NO ROOT method.
  5. This will reveal the network password of the connected wifi instantly.

This is a great wifi assistant app designed for Android which not on helps you to find the saved password on Android but it also helps to connect to the wifi network with a password.

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These were the free methods to find the saved wifi password on Android devices without root access. However, the latest Android devices are equipped with the QR code feature that allows you to share access to an active wi-fi network even without a password. But, if your mobile is running on an older version of Android, this tutorial might help you.