How To Fix “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped on Samsung”

“Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” or “com.sec.imsservice has stopped” is a quite common error every Android user may have encountered. But, What is IMS service on Samsung mobile and How to Fix “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped”? Read a detailed guide to IMS service and fix the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error on Samsung and other Android smartphones.

How to Fix Unfortunately IMS Service Has Stopped

What is IMS Service?

The IMS Service stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem Service. IMS services allow the Android software of Android smartphones such as Samsung S9, S10, S8 Samsung Note and other 4G Smartphones to work properly with the carrier-provided communication app with

IMS helps to make calls and send SMS to be delivered via an IP network. Sometimes, this service tends to fail to work which can display the error message Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped.

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What causes IMS Services Has Stopped Error?

IMS service is used to establish the connection between the Android calling and SMS App to the carrier network. IMS service is required to make calls and send a message on VoLTE and LTE networks. A IMS registration status error may caused either due to network error ot te device itself.

A sudden software glitch, force reboot, interruption with IMS service due to a newly installed app, Android update error and Safe mode are some of the reasons to display Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped error on Samsung and Android mobiles. in addition, there are several other reasons like;

Corrupt cache: As we all know the cache partition contains the temporary data about all the frequently used apps on Andriod. Every time a user runs an app, a small cache data is created by the app.

Sometimes this cache portion might get corrupt due to accidental closure of the app or force restart. Hence, this can lead to a problem while running the apps and end up showing the ims services error on Android.

Third-party application: Have you installed any third-party app on your Android before the “IMS services error” appeared.

If yes, then cookies or cache stored on the device might be causing the Android system to malfunction and hence show the IMS service error.

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How To Fix Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped

IMS service has stopped working is a common IMS service error. Samsung mobiles like Galaxy S4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy s9, and other Samsung Galaxy are often reported to get affected by the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error. 

If your Samsung or any other Android mobile is displaying “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error so frequently, it’s time to find a solution to IMS service error and fix the problem permanently.

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Methods to Fix IMS service has stopped error

As we discussed above, there is not any specific reason you can blame to causing the IMS service error on Android. There is not a certain method to fix the IMS service has stopped error on Android.

Here is a series of methods you need to follow and apply on your Samsung or Android mobile to solve the IMS error.

Method 1: Uninstall any recently installed app.

This is the first fix you need to apply to solve the IMS service error. Uninstall any recently installed app you can suspect may be causing the IMS error. If you are unable to uninstall the app you can start your Android in safe mode to uninstall the app.

Follow the steps below to uninstall an app from Samsung to solve IMS service has stopped working error.

uninstall recently installed app to solve IMS Service error
uninstall recently installed app to solve IMS Service error
  • Open Setting on Android
  • Go to App drawer and open tap on the app you want to uninstall.
  • Restart the mobile.

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Method 2: Wipe Cache Partition of Message App

Since IMS service is responsible for calls and SMS, you can try to clear SMS app cache to solve the Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped. Follow the steps below to clear SMS cache memory.

clear SMS app cache to solve the Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped
  • Open Settings on Android.
  • Go to Application
  • Scroll and tap on Messages>Storage
  • Tap on Clear cache.

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition of Samsung

  1. Switch off your Android
  2. Press and hold Volume up key and Power key together until you see the Android logo.
  3. Release the power button and wait for the Recovery screen.
  4. Here navigate to ‘Wipe Cache partition‘ using the volume key.
  5. Press the power key to select clean Cache partition.
  6. Reboot the Android.

Video Guide to Fix Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped error on Android

Method 4: Reset Configuration Message[worked]

  • Open message app on Android


  • Go to more setting by tapping on three vertical lines on the top of the screen


  • Select Configuration messages


  • Tap delete on top right corner
  • Restart the phone.

This is the working method that fixed the IMS services has stopped error for my Samsung s8 Android mobile.

How do I turn off IMS Services on Android?

IMS Service is an essential service agent for Android phones to provide carrier services and networks. It’s an integrated network of telecommunications carriers that would facilitate the use of IP (Internet Protocol) for packet communications in all known forms over wireless or landline.

Hence it is not possible to disable or turn off the IMS services on Android.

Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped-Final Words

IMS services on Android is responsible for a carrier-provided communication app like calls and text messages. Some cache glitches and Android OS errors can cause Android to pop-up “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error. This was the guide to fix the IMS error in Android smartphones including Samsung.

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