Android Speed Dial | How to Configure and Use Speed Dial on Android

Android Speed Dial is a useful tool most of us are not aware of. Speed Dial allows you to assign a single-digit number to any specific contact. This can help you to call your favorite contact number by dialing a single-digit number. This is a free feature available on all Smartphone including Android, iOS, Oxygen and any other mobile phone you can name. This article explains a step to steps guide to configure and use speed dial on Android.

Android Speed Dial

Speed Dial or Android Speed Dial is an ultimate feature on your mobile which is used to assign a number ranging 2-9 to dial any contact number in your phonebook with a simple one-touch method.

As the name suggests itself “Speed Dial“, the function is used to dial any specific number on the go without even bothering about searching your phone contacts or dialing the number.

Assigning a speed dial on Android and other devices is a must-know feature everyone should know and use. Speed dial is quite useful for you if you need to call on the same contact or group of contacts frequently.

The next section of the article will explain the process to configure the Speed dial on Android.

How to Configure and Assign Speed Dial on Android

How to Configure and Assign Speed Dial on Android

As we mentioned above, if you need to call on a particular number frequently, assigning the speed dial on that number is always useful.

Let us understand this with an example: Suppose you call your mom or your spouse several times a day.

Now, you need to follow the standard dialing process every time you call these people.

You can either dial the number on your phone or dig into the contacts or recently dialed numbers.

But, what if I say that you can simply call your mom or your spouse by dialing only one single-digit number ranging from 2-9( 1 is assigned as Voicemail by Default).

Yes, this is the significance of assigning a speed dial on Android or iOS.


How to Assign a Speed Dial on Android

Assigning a speed dial on Android is similar to assigning a speed dial on any other mobile including featured phones.

Yes, Speed dial is also available for feature phones as well. There are two methods to assign any number to speed dial.

  1. Assign Speed dial on Android Using the Phone App
  2. Assign Speed dial on Android Using Speed Dial Settings

1. Assign Speed Dial on Android using Phone App

This is a quite simple and easy task to perform in order to assign a speed dial.

All you need is to open your default dialer app(phone App in Android) and dial a number ranging from 2-9.

Your Android will prompt you to assign a contact number to the dialed number if there is no number assigned to the dialed number, Refer to the visual guide below to understand easily.


  • Open phone app on Android.


  • Type any number(ex-2) and tap Dial. Tap Assign.


  • Assign the contact number as per your desire.


  • Look for the confirmation notification at the bottom of your screen.

Now you have successfully assigned the given number to the dialed number. Now, whenever you dial the digit “2” and press the call button.

The dialer will automatically call on the assigned number. You don’t need to find that specific number on your contacts or recently dialed numbers.

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2. Assign Speed Dial on Android Using Speed Dial Settings


  • Open Phone App on Android.


  • Touch Three vertical dots to Open Settings.

Assign Speed Dial on Android Using Settings step 3

  • Select Speed Dial to open the Speed Dial list.
  • Assign the Contacts by typing the Contact number or by browsing the phone book.

Now, save and exit the app. Just keep the shortcut numbers you have assigned on the Speed Dial Screen.

Android Speed Dial: Final Words

Android speed dial is a time-saver feature everyone should be using. The speed dial assigning process explained in the article is similar to all mobiles including Android Oreo to Android Pie and later. Just configure the number to Speed dial on your Android for the numbers you call most.  Just don’t forget to share your opinion and suggestions in the comment section below.



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