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How to Block Pop-up on Android Chrome, Firefox, Internet Browser

How to block pop up on Android. Pop up are more annoying on mobile as compared to desktop. They come every now and then...

Fixing Android Connected to Wifi But no Internet: Easy Methods

Android connected to wifi but no internet is working at all. Instead of an active internet connection, you notice a pop-up saying "Wifi has...
What is RILNotifier

What is RILNotifier ? How to Fix Data Connection Error on Android

RILNotifier or Radio Interface Layer Notifier on Android is a system service accountable to keep an eye on Active wireless connection on your smartphone...
what is NativeDropBoxAgent

What is NativeDropBoxAgent and how to remove it?

NativeDropBoxAgent is an unwanted application that creates so many problems for our android device. It is a preinstalled app on every Motorola device used...
what is com.android.captiveportallogin

com.android.captiveportallogin? | What is captive portal login

com.android.captiveportallogin is a system app on Samsung Android smartphones accountable to monitor and help the android system to perform authentication process to open or...
What is Google subscriber number

What is Google Subscriber Number? Everything you should know

Google subscriber number is a free method to get a working phone number to make and receive a call, send messages and manage voicemail...
What is Finder app on Samsung Android

What is Finder App on Android? Samsung S-Finder

The finder app on Android is a recently introduces feature on Samsung Android phone followed by Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. The app AKA S-Finder...

What Is a Text Mail Subscriber? Everything you should know

Text Mail Subscriber is a user who has subscribed to receive the mail or mails in text mode only. A text mail contains the...
Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android

3 Methods to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android

Send a text to multiple contacts on Android without creating a group or showing all recipients. Learn about all the methods to send a...
Silent Logging on Android

What is Silent Logging on Android? Usages and Risks

Android phones need several system apps, bloatware and service packages to perform several tasks. The com.sec.modern.settings app package is one of these system app...