Disable or Turn off Wifi Calling on Android

Wifi calling allows you to make a cellular call on Android using the Wifi network associated with VoIP calls. We have already discussed the steps to enable wifi calling on Android. At any point in time if you consider disabling wifi calling then here are the steps you can follow to turn off wifi calling on Android.

How to Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android

Follow the steps below to turn off wifi calling on Android.

Step 1: Open Wifi Settings on Android.

  • Go to settings and android.
  • open network settings.
  • Tap on wifi calling

Step 1: Select the SIM on Which You Want to Disable Wifi Calling

  • Select the SIM you want to disable the wifi calling for.

Step 1:Select Off on the Pop-up Menu

  • Select the option ‘Off‘ to disable the wifi calling.

This will disable the wifi calling on your android phones and resume the call recording.