How to Stream YouTube Videos Seamlessly Without Buffering on Android and PC

Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering on Android and PC. Buffering video streams is really annoying. No matter, Which Platform of streaming service you are using to watch the video. Thankfully we have collected handful tips to troubleshoot the YouTube video buffering error on Android and PC as well. Read about some killer tips to Watch YouTube videos without buffering and experience a buffer-free seamless video streaming on YouTube. Fix YouTube buffering problems permanently and watch your favorite show without the annoying buffer and play.

Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering on Android and PC

Love to watch YouTube videos? Well, at least I do. Watching your favorite video is YouTube video is one of the common social media intercommunication we make every day.

According to Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

But, the video experience gets worst when you encounter a video buffering problem while watching videos on YouTube. It’s quite frustrating and annoying. Right?

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Imagine you are watching your favorite video or tutorial on YouTube and YouTube doesn’t seem to play video without buffering. It’s quite annoying to watch the video for a couple of minutes and wait until the next segment of the video is being buffered.

So, What is the solution to watch the YouTube video seamlessly without buffer? Well, the YouTube buffering problem is a very common issue you can encounter while watching videos on YouTube.

In fact, there are thousands of questions you can find on different forums and portals where people are asking the same question “How can I watch youtube video without buffering?” or “How can I stop my YouTube videos from buffering?”.

Here, I have collected two examples from different forums where users have posted the same YouTube buffering related query.

Scenario 1: Youtube not buffering correctly

What has happened is my Youtube player buffers in a weird way, sometimes it can buffer half of the video and sometimes it will buffer less than 5% of the video. I have to refresh the site otherwise I’m going to be stuck there waiting for it to load for at least 10 minutes to buffer a few seconds and it goes on and on.

I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration, tried using Smart Buffering and blocking 2 IP’s I found in a solved similar topic that didn’t work for me.

-Source: Tomsguide forum

Scenario 2: Trouble with youtube videos: freezing and buffering

I am having trouble with opera 53 with youtube videos. They play, then freeze, then start buffering. They are unwatchable.

No problem with videos on any other site. Also no problem with youtube with other browsers.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Opera but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

-Source: Opera forum

These were a few of examples if you find yourself in the same boat and need an optimum to fix Youtube buffering problem on Android, PC or any other platform.

Stick to the article. We have collected a handful of tips and solutions to fix the YouTube Buffering problem.

But, before beginning, let’s make this a detailed guide and start with a few basic tutorials.

What is YouTube Buffering?


As we all know, YouTube and other video stream platforms store their videos on their distant servers.

When you play a video on your YouTube or other video streams, the video is called from the server in the form of packets.

Later, these packets are assembled by your browser or the player and played in the form of a video.

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In fact, YouTube video buffering is caused by the delay in receiving the video from the server. This buffering might be caused by slow server response or the slow internet which makes it difficult to load the next segment of the video while the previously loaded segment of the video is being played.

I hope, this would have given you a fair idea behind the YouTube buffering problem and why YouTube keeps buffering while watching the video. Now, you know the reason.

It’s time to find the solution to fix a YouTube video buffering problem.

Well, there are several solutions and fixes you can actually follow to watch YouTube videos without buffering.

How To Solve YouTube Buffering problem and Watch Videos without buffer?


Before we begin to explore the solutions to YouTube buffering problem. I need you to check your internet connection speed using online tools.

If you encounter the video buffering problem while traveling, it’s a quite common problem that may be caused by network fluctuations.

Try connecting other devices to the same network if you are having a buffering problem while watching YouTube videos on a Wi-Fi network.

Check your device’s MAC address filter in the router setup if only a few devices connected to the Wi-Fi device is buffering the YouTube videos and others are working fine.

Now, it’s time to jump to the rest of the fixes and solutions to solve the YouTube video buffer problem.

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1. Download and Watch YouTube Videos without buffering.


YouTube offline feature is an all-new feature introduced by YouTube mobile app. If you are watching the YouTube video on your mobile device and want to Watch Videos without buffering, it’s a better idea to save it on your device and watch it later.

This will download the video within the YouTube app itself and you can watch the video without buffering.

How to Download YouTube video to Watch without buffer?

  1. Open YouTube App on your Mobile.
  2. Search and play the video you want to watch.
  3. Once the video is playing, find and tap the tiny download button right below the video.
  4. This will download the Youtube video to your device. You can find the video on your Download video section on the YouTube app.

How to play downloaded video on YouTube.

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device.
  2. Tap on the Library button on the lower-right corner of the YouTube app.
  3. Go to Downloads.
  4. Here you can find all the downloaded videos on YouTube.
  5. Play the video and watch it without buffer as the video is already on your device.

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2. Check Internet Connection Speed

As we already discussed above, slow internet speed can cause YouTube video buffer even if the video is being played at low resolution.

The minimum data speed required to watch the video on YouTube without buffer is completely dependent on the resolution you are playing video.

However, YouTube configures the resolution automatically depending on internet speed to give you a buffer-free video play.

Still, you can look at the table below to get a fair idea of the minimum speed required to watch the YouTube video without buffering.

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Minimum Internet Speed Required to Watch YouTube Video Without Buffering in Different Resolution

Video Resolution in PixelsVideo Resolution in Pixels Ratio(16:9)Minimum Req. Speed(Kb/s) Data Consumed (Mb/Minute)
144pNA100 kbps1.3MB
240p426 x 240300 kbps3.3MB
360p640 x 360400 kbps5MB
480p854 x 480500 kbps8.3MB
720p1280 x 7201500 kbps25MB
1080p1920 x 10803000 kbps50MB
1440p(2K)2560 x 14407000 kbps90MB
2160p(4K)3840 x 216012000 kbps233MB

You can change the video resolution to lower quality if you are experiencing a video buffer while playing YouTube video in higher resolution or quality.

3. Use HTML5 Player to Play or Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering.

HTML5 is one of the best alternatives for the Flash Player on Youtube. You should know HTML5 player uses Less memory and supports Major Browsers ever in Mobile Phones and Tablets too.

Follow the steps below to enable HTML5 players to stream YouTube videos without buffer.

How to Enable HTML 5 Player to stop Youtube Video Buffering

  1. Go to on your browser. Make sure you are already logged into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on “Enjoy YouTube” Button. This will open the YouTube video page.
  3. Play any video and you can notice an incredible improvement in the YouTube video. Experience a buffer-free Video stream!!

4. Cleaning YouTube Cache and Data

Try cleaning your YouTube cache data can help to stop YouTube buffering errors on mobiles and tablets. Cache memory is used to store the temporary data by the app you are currently using.

If YouTube cache memory is running out of this temporary storage, it makes it difficult for the app to store the buffered data on the device storage.

A lack of cache memory can lead YouTube video to buffer while playing. Cleaning YouTube cache is an easy fix to solve the video buffering problem on YouTube.

Follow the steps below to clean YouTube Cache data:

  1. Go to Settings>Apps>Youtube on your mobile and tablet.
  2. Tap on YouTube app. This will open the YouTube App info screen.
  3. Tap on Storage.
  4. Now Tap on Clear cache.
  5. Close the settings and restart the device.

5. Use incognito mode to Watch Buffer free Video

Recently YouTube has introduced a new feature called “incognito mode”. Incognito mode doesn’t use buffer service and stream the video directly through the YouTube server.

If you are having any issues with your mobile cache memory, watching YouTube in Incognito mode is a clever idea to use.

Incognito mode can help you to solve the video buffer error on the YouTube app. In addition, you can also diagnose the error causing Youtube to buffer the video.

Follow the steps below to turn on incognito mode on YouTube.

How to Enable YouTube incognito mode to solve video buffering.

  1. Open YouTube App on your device.
  2. Click on the three dots on the upper corner of the YouTube app.
  3. Tap on “Incognito mode”

6. Update Youtube App to fix video buffer

Update your YouTube App and mobile firmware can also help you to solve the YouTube buffer error on mobile and tablets. Try updating the device as well.

Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering-Wrapping up:

You may find some buffering errors while watching the video on YouTube. No, matter how good your internet speed is, an outdated YouTube app or cache can also make your YouTube video buffer. Now, the question is How to Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering. Follow the steps in the article to fix the YouTube video buffering error. In addition, you can also check if your ISP has limited assigned bandwidth for the YouTube stream on the network.



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