Android System Apps(Com.Android)

System apps on Android are the pre-installed apps on Android phones that play a vital role in the Android system. These files are usually named as Here is the list of Android system apps you find on your Android phones. Know the use of these Android system apps on Android. What is the role of a specific system app on Android phones and devices?

Knox VPN PAC Processor

The Knox VPN PAC Processor: A Security App For Online Privacy And Security

Knox VPN PAC Processor is the part of  KNOX security that ensures the safety of the user on Samsung Android ... Samsung Media and Devices app Here’s things you need to know; About com samsung android mdx quickboard. Meaning, Use, Function. This is a detailed ...
What is

What Is Com Samsung Android Mtpapplication? Details and Troubleshoots is the package name of the MTP protocol system app on Samsung android phones. This is a pre-installed app ...

PacProcessor App on Android- Usages and Troubleshoots

PacProcessor or Proxy Auto-Configuration Processor Android devices consist of several system apps, client apps, bloatware and services on the device ...
test dpc app

What Is Test DPC App And How To Use or Uninstall It?

Test DPC App: A remote application testing tool for Android Test DPC App is a tool designed to help OEMs, ...
RcsSettings samsung android

What is RcsSetting on Android? What is it Used for?

RcsSettings is a system app on Andriod devices accountable to handle the task related to advanced text SMS on the ...

What is Com.Samsung.Android.Da.Daagent? Samsung Dual Messenger

Com.Samsung.Android.Da.Daagent(DAAgent) Explained Com.Samsung.Android.Da.Daagent is a system app pre-installed on Samsung android phones you might notice Daagent on Google my active ...

What Is Com.Samsung.Android.Dialer? Everything you need to Know is the package name for the Samsung Android Dialer app on the device. Samsung is well known for installing ...

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Android System Apps-FAQ

  1. What is a System App on Android?

    A system app on Android is a pre-installed app on an Android phone that plays a vital role on the Android system. Some of them are necessary while others are just Blotware.

  2. How Many Types of System Apps Are There on Android?

    Android system apps are classified as Daemon apps, service apps, native apps and Bloatware.

  3. How to find system apps on Android?

    You can navigate to Settings> Apps>show system apps to see the list of installed system apps on Android.

  4. What are hidden System apps on Android?

    Hidden system apps on Android are apps that don’t possess an active icon like Facebook, Chrome, calculator etc apps. You will find these hidden system apps under the “System apps” section.

  5. Can I uninstall System Apps on Android?

    Although, it is not suggested to uninstall a system app on Android. But, you can use the ADB tools or system app remover to uninstall system apps. Also, it is not possible to uninstall all the system apps on Android.