What is RcsSetting on Android? What is it Used for?

RcsSettings is a system app on Andriod devices accountable to handle the task related to advanced text SMS on the device. The app is pre-installed on the device and keeps running in the background.

What is RcsSettings? What is it used for? What permissions do RcsSettings have on Android? Let’s find the answers.

what is RcsSettings
what is RcsSettings?

What is RcsSettings

RcsSettings stands for Rich Communication services Setting. A pre-installed system app on Android devices with an objective to the SMS messages with a text message system more complex, in order to provide probing of the phonebook (for the detection of the service) and to transmit multimedia in the calls. It is part of a wider multimedia IP subsystem.

  • Application Name: RcsSettings
  • Version: Android 6.0 and later
  • Developed by: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

RCS Messaging is the advanced version of the standard messaging service where you can use the service to chat or create a group chat.

How to Enable RcsSettings on Google Messages?

Google rolled out RCS messing support in 2019 in an effort to give the boring simple text messages interface a rich-looking GUI. But, the settings are not enabled by default. Here is how you enable the RCS messaging on Google messages.

  1. Open settings on Google messages.
  2. Go to Chat features.
  3. Toggle the Enable chat feature on.

Remember enabling RcsSettings may cause duplicate text message errors on android.

What Permission Do RcsSettings have?

The RcsSettings runs at the minimum access permission on the device. The app only needs phone access permission to run the service.

What are the Advantages of Enabling RcsSettings

Enabling the RCS messaging allows the user to send and receive advance text messages that included multimedia content like video, images, documents any other files.

Unlike standard text messaging services, an RCS enables devices can send text messaging of up to 8000 words in a single message.

The RCS message uses the LTE or internet service to send or receive the message and all the RCS-enabled contact is marked as a blue dot next to contacts on android.

Is RcsSettings Safe?

RcsSettings is a system app developed by Samsung itself and the app runs on minimum permission on the device. The sole objective of the app is to provide a rich messaging experience to the user. As per the malicious codes or spyware on the apps.

Yes, RcsSettings is completely safe and does not contain any spyware, malware, or Keylogger.

Can I uninstall RcsSettings?

It is not possible to uninstall RcsSettings on Android. Secondly, it’s one of the essential apps for the device and removing or uninstalling it may cause some errors.

RcsSettings battery consumption?

RcsSettings and other system apps keep running in the background to run the essential services. There is no evidence of RcsSettings causes huge battery consumption.

You can always verify the battery consumption on your Android by navigating to Settings> Battery and looking for the app consuming the most power on the device.

RCS not working on Samsung Messages

RCS Messaging is the advanced version of the standard messaging service where you can use the service to chat or create a group chat using the messaging app like any other chatting apps(Whatsapp, Messenger etc.)

In order to use this advanced message feature, one not only need to enable the RCSSettigs on both(sender and receiver) device but the device must be connected to an active internet connection via mobile data or wifi.

If you find the RCSsetttings not working on your device and you are not able to send advanced messages here are the methods you can follow to fix the error;

  • Fixing RCS not working on Samsung Messages
  • Disable and re-enable RCS
  • Clear data from Carrier services and Samsung Messages
  • Reset Network settings
  • Uninstall updates from Carrier services
  • Switch to Google Messages

Final Words:

RcsSettings is a system app on Android devices developed by Samsung with the purpose to give a rich look to boring standard message interfaces. The app required only phone permission and doesn’t contain any virus or malicious code. Like most system apps, it is not possible to uninstall RcsSettings from the device.

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