What Is Test DPC App And How To Use or Uninstall It?

Test DPC App: A remote application testing tool for Android

Test DPC App is a tool designed to help OEMs, EMM, and ISVs to test the application’s workability and compatibility with different devices and versions of android. The tool is highly popular among developers since 2015. Learn more about Test DPC App. What is it? How Test DPC App is used? Let’s dig out the answers.

What Is Test DPC App?

Test DPC App is a remote application testing tool for android used by developers to test and check the application workability all over the world to make sure whether those applications are working properly or not.

The app was developed by Google itself in years 2015 with a vision to help the android developer to test the newly developed android app for performance, compatibility and handling on different devices and versions of android.

If your company uses Android, the device policy controller is used to provision a user’s work profile on their personal device.

The device policy controller is also used to provision fully managed devices like OMA Client.

The IT admin sets policies with software provided by your organization’s EMM provider.

Test DPC is for those EMMs, ISVs, and OEMs who wish to try out their applications and platforms with an Android for Work profile.

  • Name: Test DPC App
  • Package: com.afwsamples.testdpc
  • Developer: Sample developer

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 What is Test DPC App Used for?

Test DPC App is a pre-configured setup on android phones with the purpose to check the function and workability of an app before the actual launch.

Device Policy Controller or DPC app with a function to control the device settings globally and it doesn’t require the rooting of the device.

These device settings can be managed manually from the Android setting or controlled by the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

It’s for testing admin restrictions and can be a pain to set up if you don’t know what you are doing, but you can do things like enforcing ‘work’ policies such as (depending on android version):

  • Force password complexity requirements
  • Force lockscreen timeouts
  • Disable Secure Camera
  • Disable Secure Notifications
  • Disable Trust Agents (Bluetooth unlock for example)
  • Disable Face / Fingerprint / Iris unlock
  • Install custom CA certificates
  • Disable screenshots
  • Set up app restrictions (blocking certain apps)
  • Force accessibility services settings
  • Set an always-on VPN
  • Manage app permissions by policy
  • Require a separate password to launch the settings control app

Note this works by installing itself as a Device Policy Controller (commonly used for work phones to disable the camera for example):

If you forget the password if you lock it, and did something like disallow VPN config + enable always-on VPN, then changed VPN settings on your server… you’ll have to factory reset the phone.

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How to Use Test DPC App?

The basic use of test DPC app is to test the app’s behavior and performance remotely. There are some defined parameters to test DPC app you need to apply. Here are detailed guidelines;


Testdpc App has many versions, they are updated timely according to the requirements to test the applications.

  1. Download and install test DPC app as per the version required.

Download Test DPC Android 8.0.1
Download Test DPC Android 7.0.2

The latest version available now is 8.0.1 for smartphones, while using an Android the DPC app is used to provide a work profile to the user that is fully managed by the manufacturer.

This is the IT admin who sets the software policies provided by the organization’s EMM provider.


  1. Now, open the Android launcher.
  2. Tap in Setup test DPC app icon.


Once you have installed the Test DPC app run the test as per the work profile. In addition, management features that users can carry on with Test DPC are as follows.

  • Setting up a work profile
  • Enabling working apps
  • Setting restrictions for certain applications
  • Managing security policies

TestDPC apk acts between the server and EMM console just as a bridge joining both ends. The user as an admin can perform many tasks like device settings configuration by using the EMM console.

The DPC app manages and controls the work profile on Android where it is installed.

Is Test DPC App safe?

Test DPC App is completely safe but as we know this is a development tool so the risk is high if not used properly on the device.

Can I Uninstall TestDPC APK?

TestDPC is not a stock or pre-installed app on android. In order to check the performance and working status of the device, users may use the TestDPC to run a diagnostic test.

If you want to ensure your android is working perfectly. Then you need not install the test DPC apk from the device. Even don’t use this app for only that purpose.

You can easily uninstall TestDPC app easily for your android easily without affecting the files, settings or performance of the device.

How to Uninstall Test DPC App?

It is possible to uninstall Test DPC app from android. At any moment you no need the app or you suspect fast battery draining, follow the steps below to uninstall TEST  DPC App completely;

  1. Open settings on android.
  2. Tap on Apps to open app manager.
  3. Here tap on Test DPC to open.
  4. Now tap on Uninstall.

This will uninstall the Test DPC app from android and remove all the residual files created by the app. Make sure to restart the device.

Final Words:

Test DPC apk is a helping tool to test and check remote applications. Whether they are running in a well-organized form or need any update. The app is completely safe and doesn’t contain any malware, keylogger or virus. However, the app is highly sensitive and can be used to hack your android or damage it permanently if not properly. So, it is recommended to uninstall it once you are done using it.



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