Samsung Accessory Service(Transferring File Please Wait)

Samsung Accessory Service is associated to Samsung device that helps to establish a connection to accessories. It’s a native app on Samsung Android devices that provides a stable environment t the accessories for a stable connection to Samsung Android phones.

Samsung Accessory Service
Samsung Accessory Service

Users have reported that the Samsung accessory service has caused several issues after the update. They have also reported some on identifying notifications and icons on the notification bar on Samsung Android phones.

In this article, we shall explore all about Samsung Accessory service. what is it? What is the significance of Samsung Accessory service on Samsung Android phones and how to resolve the issue caused by the app?

What is Samsung accessory service?

Samsung Accessory service is an app on Samusng android mobiles used by devices to establish a connection to accessories like Samsung gears(e.g. Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Camera Manager Inst. etc.) by providing them a stable connectivity environment.

The primary function of the app is to help the Samsung device to establish a connection with external accessories and maintain it without any disconnections.

Usually, the app stays unnoticed in the background and does not cause any errors or problems. The app is completely safe and can be left uninterrupted or even worrying about battery draining and security issues.


  • File transfer
  • Sending/receiving data
  • WebProxy function

Required permissions

  • Storage Permissions for storing files.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC to establish a connection.


Samsung Accessory Service can be used with the following accessories when connected with a mobile device.

  • GALAXY Gear
  • Gear 2
  • Gear S Series
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Samsung Gear Fit 2
  • Samsung NX-1

What is companiondevicemanager?

Why does my phone show transferring files?

As we discussed above, the Samsung Accessory service doesn’t cause any errors or interruptions with normal functionality on the phone.

But, users have reported that they are frequently getting the notification “Transferring File Please Wait” or a fast battery draining.

“I have Samsung S8+ and Gear S3 Frontier. I have an issue when I have a working connection between these my items:

After a new android update on mine S8+ I started to get a notification that I cannot turn off. And I do not know what it is trying to do. The notification is not a big deal, but I notice that what my phone and watch discharges very fast. Before my watch takes around 3days, now just a 12h”

– Source Samsung Forum

So what is Transferring File Please Wait error on Samsung accessory service and how to resolve the problem. Let’s find out the solution.

Solutions to “Transferring File Please Wait” on Samsung accessory service

Step 1: Stop Phone Step Counts

  1. Open S Heath on your Samsung Android phone.
  2. Tap your steps.
  3. toggle your data from All Steps to Mobile Phone.
  4. tap the settings on top right.
  5. select pause counting steps.

This will disable the step counts on mobile and the counts will be solely constable to gears. Also, don’t forget to update the Samsung accessory service to latest version.

Download Samsung accessory service

Samsung Accessory Service
Samsung Accessory Service

Step 2: Reset the app and device

  1. Go to Settings on Android phone.
  2. Open Apps.
  3. Select Samsung Accessory Service.
  4. Tap on Force stop.

Restart the device and see if the problem is solved. Also, don’t forget to unpair and re-pair the connected device.

Samsung Accessory Service Draining Battery

Users have also reported that the Samsung Accessory Service has caused their phone to drain the battery faster. However, battery draining can is dependent on various factors including a hacked Android phone. Also, the draining can be caused by SAS itself as well. As the app tends to use the resources in the background and hence it can drain the battery faster. 

Deactivating the battery optimization on all the Galaxy Wear apps & plugins can help you to solve the battery draining issue.

Read more: Why is My Samsung Galaxy Battery Draining So Fast?

Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up

A malfunctioning cache partition and corrupt apk can cause the Samsung Accessory Service to show a pop-up. This can easily resolve by clearing the cache data of the app. Also, it is recommended to update the app to the latest version.

Updating the Samsung Accessory Service app to the latest version and clearing the app cache can resolve the pop-up notification permanetly. You can also disable or uninstall the app to resolve the issue.

Uninstalling Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung Accessory Service, however, plays a vital role in establishing the connection between your Samsung Android and external device. But, if you are not using any Samsung gear then it’s ok to disable the app permanetly. 

Disabling the app won’t affect the normal functions and features of the phone. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Samsung file transfer?

Android file transfer application from Samsung that helps in easy and quick file sharing between your mobile device and PC.

What is accessory SDK?

Accessory SDK allows you to connect accessory devices to Samsung smart devices. With Accessory SDK, you can define a new service between the accessory and smart device, enabling you to use the various smart device functions from the accessory device.

Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up?

Uninstall and re-install the Galaxy Wearable app, or update the app if any update is available. If you don’t use the Galaxy wearable app, you can uninstall it to fix the pop-up issue quickly. 


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