Solutions to the S Beam Unresponsiveness in Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series

Galaxy S Beam not working in Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S7, and other Galaxy S and note Series mobile phones is a common problem user are reporting on different blogs and forum. What are the possible reasons to make S Beam unresponsive and how to troubleshoot the common error on Samsung while S Beaming the files and media?

What is S Beam?

S Beam or Android Beam is a method of transferring media and files from across Samsung devices. S Beam uses built-in hardware and featured software to transfer the data, media, applications, webpages, and others across Samsung devices supporting S Beam.

S Beam is a useful feature introduced by Samsung in order to transfer files across Samsung devices without any third party app S Beam allows users to share content with others who possess compatible devices through near field communication (NFC) or Wi-Fi.

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However, no matter how precise technology is, the user may still face some error while using the feature. This article is about a common problem users encounter while S Beaming.


What causes S Beam Unresponsive on Samsung Galaxy and Note Series?

There is no proven error or bug which can be defined or blamed for the unresponsiveness of S Beam. If you find your Galaxy S Beam not working or not responding while Beaming. There might be several reasons.

But, the question is how to fix unresponsive S Beam on Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note Smartphones.

Improper Beaming and wrong file format may be the reason to cause Galaxy S Beam not working. A common solution is to Wipe Samsung Galaxy Cache partition.

But, there are several other methods you can try if Galaxy S Beam not working while Beaming.

How to Fix Galaxy S Beam not working

As we discussed above there are several reasons causing your Galaxy S Beam not working or unresponsive S Beam. We shall detail all the possible methods to fix the error and come with a solution to unresponsive S Beam.

Follow the methods below and see which one works for your Samsung Galaxy and Note mobiles to fix unresponsive S-Beam.

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Method 1- Toggle the Switch off/on the S Beam App

This is the first step you need to take when you experience an unresponsive S Beam app. Turning S Beam Off and On will resolve any technical error resisting the S Beam to work properly.

Follow the steps below to Toggle S Beam off and on.

  • While on the Home screen, tap the Menu button.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Choose S Beam in the options by tapping it.
  • Toggle the S Beam switch (turn it Off and then On again).

Method 2- Restart the device to Fix Unresponsive Galaxy S Beam

This method doesn’t include any expertise or mastering of Samsung Galaxy S Beam. Sometimes a simple restart of your Galaxy mobiles can resolve the issue permanently. If you are experiencing any issues while using S Beam and Galaxy S Beam not working properly, a simple restart can fix the problem.

Method 3- coordinate the device properly


As we all know S Beaming works on NFC and Wi-fi Direct and in order to Beam the files and data properly you need to keep the Galaxy or Note device back-to-back attached as shown in images above.

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Improper coordination can cause the Beaming to interrupt the transfer and end up unresponsive S Beaming.

Follow  the steps below to properly share files using the S Beam:

  1. Turn on the S Beam app. (as explained in Method 1).
  2. Open/Play the file that you want to Beam.
  3. Touch the devices back to back.
  4. Tap the screen of the recipient when the “Touch to Beam” message appears.
  5. A prompt will appear signaling that you can now separate the two devices.
  6. A notification will show up on the receiver’s screen when the transfer is done.

Method 4- Disable or Uninstall recent Installed Apps on your Samsung Device

A malicious or suspicious app can prevent the S beam on Galaxy and Note to stop working. It’s a better idea to uninstall any recently installed app on your Samsung device.

In addition, try to Beam another file or media to double sure if there is any problem with the particular file or media. If you are facing any issue while uninstalling the App on your Samsung device, Follow the article here: How to solve Android Application error using Android Safe Mode.

Method 5- Update the System App to Solve “Galaxy S Beam not working”

An outdated OS may be the real reason behind unresponsive S Beam. It is suggested to update the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy to solve any kind of Beaming error on your Samsung device.

If you encounter any error while updating the official firmware on your Android Samsung device, Follow the Guide here: How to Solve Android System Update Fails to Install.


An unresponsive S Beam while Beaming the files and media across Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note device can be caused by several reasons. Try the methods explained above to resolve the S Beaming error and Beam any media, files, App or Webpage across Samsung devices.


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