What is Device Health Services app on Android phones?

The Device Health Services app is a tool app on Android that can be used to monitor battery usage and heath in detail and is officially available to download from Google Play store.

It’s a tool that measures your usage pattern and suggests the precise battery status on your Android.

Know more about the Device Health Services app. What is it? What is it used for? How to use the Device Health Services app to manage the battery health on your Android device and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Device Health Services app? Let’s find the andwers.

What is the Device Health Services app?

What is Device Health Services app

Device Health Services app is a system app on Android devices including smartphones and tablets. The app is an advanced battery management tool that allows you to analyze and configure your device’s battery health and usage automatically to improve the battery life of your Android device.

Available on Android devices running on OS version 9 and later, the tool not only allows you to see the detailed usages of your device battery usages but it also reads the use pattern of the device and configures the settings like adaptive brightness, dark mode, DND, etc.

Device Health Services can learn about your usage. After several weeks and months, it will know the level of screen brightness that you’re going to set.

For example, if at 22:30 every night you have a light with the same intensity on, and you modify the brightness level of the screen because it is too low, after a few days, the device will automatically adjust the brightness to the level you have set.

With Device Health Services, you can also find out if an app consumes more power than it should. Some apps can stay in the background consuming resources and draining battery life every day, so diagnostics such as those run by the Device Health Services app can be very useful.

Health Services On Wearables:

The Device Health Services app is also available for wearable devices like Samsung Watches and other high-end Android wearables that work similarly to the native app on an Android device.

On Wearabal Android devices the Health Services is a component of Wear OS that provides health and fitness functionality to apps, including managing sensors, tracking workouts, setting goals, and providing metrics like heart rate, step count, calories, distance, and more.

More Info About Device Health Services app

  • Name: Device Health Services app
  • Package: com.google.android.apps.turbo
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Required Android Version: Android 9 or higher
  • Category: Tools

How to Use Device Health Services app on Android?

Well, there is not any dedicated app for DHS app that you can tap and open the app and boost your Android battery life. But, the service can be accessed by visiting the Setttings>Battery section.

This screen allows you to control the battery usage more precisely as compared to the Android without DH Services app installed.

Also, the app can predict the remaining battery battery life more precisely and accurately as compared to the Android with having the app.


This app requires some permissions to function correctly on our smartphones. These permissions include:

  • Body sensors

This permission allows the app to access your device’s sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensor. It uses this data to provide features such as step counting and heart rate monitoring, which are also great for maintaining our health.

  • Storage

An app like DHS needs storage permission because it requires storage space to store its data and other usage statistics.

  • Usage access

It allows the app to track what other apps you’re using and how often they are used. This is necessary for the app to provide features such as battery optimization and diagnostics.

  • Network Communications

The Device Health Services app needs network communication permissions for battery optimization features.

Its diagnostics feature uses Google servers to collect data about your device’s hardware and software.

What are the features of the device health services app?

There are no specific features that the Device Health Services app offers but it can help you to;

  • Optimize battery charging
  • Auto-adjust the brightness and color of the screen
  • Predict the accurate battery remaining time
  • Optimize apps and kill less frequent apps

Is device health services a spy app?

No, certainly not. Device Health Services is not spyware, it is an app to analyze the battery on your Android and predict the remaining battery life and time before the device switches off.

The app is developed by Google LLC itself and there is no report claiming the app contains any malware, malicious code or spyware.

However, to avoid your device getting infected make sure to download apps from trusted sources or official app stores like Play store.

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Do I need this “Device Health Services” app?

It is recommended that you do not delete this app from your smartphone because it provides you with such great features for free that other paid software couldn’t even think of providing.

Still, it depends on every individual’s needs and preferences. If you are not using any of the app’s features, you can deactivate it, and it will not impact your device.

You can also use the system app Android Task Manager to optimize battery, kill system apps, restrict apps from using mobile data/wifi, and others without using third-party task manager apps like Greenify and SystemPanel.

What are the pros and cons of Device Health Services?

Like other apps on Android there are certain pros and cons. of using the Device Health Services which are as follows;

The biggest pro of using the Device Health Services app on your Android is that it can predict the usage pattern of user and optimize the device apps and screen brightness and other resources to predict the battery remaining time more precise;y.

On the contrary, the downside of the app is the battery usage. As the DH services app is a system app that keeps running in the background and may eat resources like CPU, RAM and drain the battery fast.

What devices are compatible with the Device Health Services app?

All the Android devices running on Android 9(Pie), including smartphones and tablets have the app pre-installed as a system app on the device. You can also download it from the official app store of your device manufacturer.

Final Words:

The Device Health Services is a utility tool on Android devices including smartphones and tablets that helps your Android to analyze your usage pattern and optimize the battery. It is not an essential app but using it may certainly help you to track the battery consumption of your Android.

The app is available on Google Play Store to download for free on Android devices running on Android version 9 and later.


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