Jio TV -Live TV App for Cricket, TV Channels Shows Online | Mobile, TV, PC

Jio TV, a Live TV App for watching cricket and TV channels on your Android and iPhones. Jio TV is the sole product of the no.1 telecom company in India. If you are a Jio subscriber you might be wondering, How to watch live cricket and TV shows on Jio Tv? Stick to the article and we shall know about Jio and Jio Tv. We shall also learn to download and install Jio TV app on Android.

Jio TV, a Live TV App to watch live cricket and TV channel shows on PC, TV and Mobile

What is Jio TV?

As we all discussed above the Jio Tv. So, to understand the term Jo TV perfectly let’s learn a short brief about the Jio, owner of Jio Tv.

Jio telecom is the largest cellular service provider in India. Jio is popular for providing free 4G data to the subscriber. It has a huge subscriber base in India. Jio Tv and Jio savan are the two multimedia app provided by Jio communication to the subscribers.

Jio savan is a free online music streaming app where a JioTV app is useful to watch all the satellite TV shows and on Android and iOS devices.

Jio Tv – Watch Live Cricket and TV shows

Jio Tv App is a free service from Jio telecom Pvt Ltd. This is a dedicated app for Jio users which is used to watch live cricket, live tv shows and other shows across mobile devices. The default Jio TV app is free to use for Jio subscribers.

A Jio user can download the Jio Tv app and install the app on their mobile device to enjoy watching the live cricket matches and satellite television shows from major television channels in different national and regional languages as well.

Jio Tv – Features

Now, we have enough information about JioTV, now let us learn about the features and functions of the Jio TV app.

Watch all Indian TV channels on Mobile, PC, and Tablet: You can find a wide range of all Indian TV channels on the Jio TV app. The program features on the app are available on Hindi, English and other regional languages.

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Primetime at Your Convenience: Jio Tv gives you complete control over your primetime shows and matches. You can watch the shows from the past and a live broadcast of your favorite show. You can catch-up service to enjoy missed episodes of prime shows, aired in the past 7 days.

Pause & play live TV channels: This is the most demanded feature of optimum tv streaming service. Jio Tv gives you complete control over a live cricket match or your favorite show. You can play-pause a live channel as per your convenience. This is like a wish come true for cricket and soccer lovers.

Did you Know: Jio Users can enjoy watching TV shows on smart Android TV and PC on as well. Stick to the article and we shall discuss it later in the article.

Jio Tv App Download

There are several methods to download Jio tv for PC and Mobile.

  • Download Jio tv From Play store
  • Download Mod Jio Tv app/apk

Download Jio tv From Play store: It is recommended to download any app from the authorized app store. But still, there are several other app stores available to download the Jio TV app for mobiles.

  • Download Mod Jio Tv app: Jio TV mod is a cracked or morphed version of the official Jio TV app. This mod app can give you extra features that are not available with the official app. But still, it is recommended to avoid the mod version of Jio tv as it may contain viruses or malware.

Watch Jio TV on Mobile

Jio TV For Android and ios

Jio Tv is exclusively available for Jio SIM or phone users. In order to enjoy watching your favorite shown and TV channels on your mobile, you can download the Jio App from Play Store and Apple store for Android and iOS respectively.

Download Jio TV From Play Store

Download Jio TV From Apple Store

Once installed, all you need is to configure the app by entering some basic details, favorite language, and shows. Congratulations! you are ready to watch your favorite TV Channel and shows on your mobile device. All you need s a decent data plan.

Watch Jio TV on PC- Jio TV Web Version

Like mobile devices including Android and iOS. Enjoying Jio TV -Live Tv on PC is not possible. But still, there are some tweaks you can do to watch the Jio TV on PC. All you need is an Android Emulator for PC.

Using the Jio-Tv web version, users can watch their favorite channels on their laptops and PC via the internet. Using this feature, users can watch their favorite channels on their laptops and PC via the internet. Follow the steps below to watch Jio-live TV on PC.

Steps To Watch Jio Live TV on PC

  • Go to web page using your browser. You can use any type of browser like safari browser, UC browser, chrome and etc.
  • Log in with your Jio ID and password. Jio users have a unique Jio ID and password. Enter your ID and Password to access Jiotv on your PC.
  • If you don’t have Jio ID and password then you can enter your Jio number to complete the login process.
    Verify the number with the OTP received on your Jio number.
  • Finally, you can watch your favorite programs and movies on your pc windows.

Watch JioTV on Android TV

This is the era of Smart TV. A modern smart TV runs on Android in most of the cases. In such, it is quite easy to Enjoy Jio TV on Television. You can find the official Jio-TV App on your Android TV play store and App drawer.

Find and download the Jio TV app on Android TV and log in to the app using your Jio-ID and password. Once downloaded, you can easily browse the channels and live shows on your TV.

JioTV for Mobiles, PC and TV- FAQ

Jio TV – Live TV App for PC-Final Words:

Jio TV app is an official app exclusively launched by Jio communications for JIO users only. Jio TV or Jio Live allows user to watch the live TV broadcast channel on Mobiles. It’s a free app to watch live on mobile including cricket matches, daily shop shows, movies and almost any tv broadcast channels you access on your Television. Also, don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.

Can I Watch Jio-TV without Jio SIM Card?

No, Currently there is no option to watch Jio TV on any platform without having a Jio SIM. But, you can borrow a Jio ID from your friend to watch JioTV without SIM.

What is Jio ID for Jio TV?

In order to maintain all Jio apps, Jio assigns a Jio ID to each individual user. This makes it easy for the user and Jio itself to track the usages and organize the app. Users can always generate a Jio USer ID by entering the Jio mobile number in any of the Jio apps.

Is Jio TV free?

Yes! Jio TV is absolutely free service for Jio users. All you need is an active internet connection, Jio ID and of course Jio SIM card.

How can I get Jio ID for Jio TV?

You Jio ID is your mobile number. If you don’t remember your Jio ID you can always generate or retrieve Jio ID by entering the Jio number and received OTP.