What is LLKagent on Android? Everything You Need to Know About LLKagent.

Android users have frequently asked questions about the blog and forums about LLKAgent. What is LLK Agent? Is it malware etc? This post explains all about the LLKagent on Android. Also, we shall know a bit about com.verizon.llkagent.

What is LLKAgent

What is LLKAgent?

The source and usage of the LLKAgent app are not so clear. The APK file is not available on the Google Play store. However, there are several other app stores where you can download the LLKAgent.apk file and install on your Android.

While as the package name com.verizon.llkagent and the permissions of the app indicate that the app is a location tracking app for Samsung and Verizon. Or, it might be a developer name included in the com package name.

LLKAgent Apk

Here are a few details about the app.

LLKAgentPackage Name
com.verizon.llkagent 11
Size0.02 MB
SupportsAndroid 10 and Later


As the developer and the publisher of the app decide to stay in stealth mode and never bother to disclose the usage and purpose of the app. Secondly, the LLKAgent.apk is not available to download from trusted sources like the Google play store itself. IT is suggested to stay out of such apps.

As most of the trojan and malware is hard to detect and uninstall from your Android. And once installed, it might harm your privacy and data.

Android Trojans.Agent

In the end, let’s talk a bit about Android Trojans. Agent. It’s a malicious script or set of codes embedded with Android APK files. The trojans are designed and embedded to standard APK installation files that stay secretly on your Android phone undetected.

These trojans contain a set of commands to execute silently on your Android to perform different tasks including Keylogging, DDos attack, control the components ranging from camera to microphone on your Android etc.

It is hard to detect the hidden Android Trojans.Agent in apk, pre or post-installation. So, it is always recommended to install the app on Android from a trusted source like Play store. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.

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