DCB_Association- What is dcb association in my phone?

Have you ever come across the term “DCB_Association”? Users have reported getting text messages like DCB_ASSOCIATIONYWrqQpYel5RMu8eGK49ednLw on their smartphones and they suspect their phone security is compromised.

But, before you get panic and look for help, let me tell you. Your Android is completely safe and there is not any potential hacking attack.

However, getting a suspicious text message can be a sign of a hacked Android phone. But, in the case of text messages like DCB_ASSOCIATION it’s completely normal. If not, then why are you getting the weird message on my Android? Let’s find out the answers.

This article explores all about the DCB_ASSOCIATION and what is the meaning of this weird-looking text message.

message from dcb_association

I just noticed that I have a message SENT from my phone but with the number 6***. I have no idea why I got this. The message says “DCB_ASSOCIATION:WrqWeg5RMu8eGK49ednLw”. Is somebody messing with my account? I don’t know why I got (or sent?) that text, or why I was locked out of my account and had to reset my password.

-Android User


In the modern era of the internet, we transfer data from one device or system to another, vigorously. Some of these data are quite sensitive and others are formal. In case of sharing or sending sensitive data or personal information, we use encryption.

Encryption is a technology that ensures the safety and security of data transferred from one medium to another using the internet. This ensures that the data cannot be accessed or read by anyone else but the sender and receiver only.

In such a hash security DCB_Association comes into the picture to protect your financial and transactional information shared between you and the merchant.

What is DCB_Association

The weird message you get from some random number containing the DCB_Association subject or body is initiated by Google Play Store to the users who have any purchase history on Google Play Store.

DCB stands for Direct Carrier Billing and Association means a relationship or collaborative link between people or groups.

Google Play users might get this random message when they make any purchase of an application magazine for subscription on Google Play Store apps.

However, users have also reported that after getting the text their Google Play account was locked.

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How DCB_Association works?

When a user on Android attempts payment for purchasing an app or in-app services using the Google Play store. The DCB_ASSICITION generates a random code for the purchase.

However, the text message from DCB_ASSICITION is subjective of whether the user/purchaser has opted for the payment via the service provider rather than a standard debit/credit card.

Network carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, allow their subscribers to use the service.

In such, once the purchaser has successfully made the payment, the generates the specific coded messages to the mobile network provider. The message generally contains a digit or text that assists in identifying the correct and authenticated phone number, request ID, Google account etc.

This coded message helps the carrier provider to identify the transaction history. The random message the user receives to send via the user’s Android is the automatic generated to/by the carrier provider.

However, this condition is applicable only if the users have opted for the carrier provider for purchase.

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DCB_ASSOCIATION text and hacked account?

Users on several forums and blogs posted queries regarding the weird-looking DCB_ASSOCIATION text and fear that their account or mobile has been hacked.


You might notice several other messages containing DCB_ASSOCIATION text which is quite normal for the users who have made any purchase using the cellular account.

“DCB_ASSOCIATION”, means it’s associating your Google Play account with your cellular account, as in when you first set it up.

The request/message is actually originated by the Google Play Store itself, and not some other malicious program. 

If you are really concerned about the message and don’t like to see them again. Then you may follow the steps below to Remove DCB_ASSOCIATION payment method. This will stop the Google Play Store from generating the message.

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Remove DCB_ASSOCIATION payment method via Google Play Store

  1. Open Google Play Store app on Android.
  2. Select the menu located at the top-left corner (three horizontal lines).
  3. Tap on Payment methods.
  4. At the bottom of the menu, pick More payment settings.
  5. This will open the browser, and you will be directed to Google payment center.
  6. Here, tap on the Remove button next to your provider (Verizon, AT&T, or other) or a credit card entered earlier.


Final Words:

DCB_ASSOCIATION DCB stands for Direct Carrier Billing and Association means a relationship or collaborative link between people or groups. Google playstore generates a message “DCB_ASSOCIATION[ID] when you purchase an app or service on Google Play Store and opt for the payment via carrier provider. The weird messages on Android is not a hacking attempt or security breach.