What I am getting text from 6245? Verizon

Text Message from 6245 on Verizon: What Does it Mean?

Many Verizon customers are alarmed by getting texts from 6245. Some consider it spam while others believe it as a technical glitch with Verizon. But, What is it? Why are you getting a text message from 6245? Who is sending this message? What does it mean and how to handle an incoming text message from 6245 on your Verizon mobile? Let’s find the answers.

I am Getting Text Message from 6245 on Verizon Mobile: What does it Mean?

Text messages from 6245, simply put, are from Verizon. Verizon’s mail service code allows Verizon customers to send emails to other Verizon customers using their phone numbers.

The receiver receives a text message like this;

text from 6245 verizon

Getting text messages from 6245 is just a generic number that shows up on cell phones when you get a text message, AIM or email that originated from the internet.

What does code 6245 Mean?

The code 6245 belongs to Verizon officially. Verizon’s mail service uses the 6245 code to send messages to inform the Verizon user about a new email and other internet communications.

Every carrier company has its own short code number they use to send messages about service updates, promotions and others to the customers on the network.

Similarly short code 262966 is used by Amazon.com to share shipment tracking updates. You can navigate this guide to Find Out Who Owns An SMS Shortcode.

Verizon 6245 messaging. How it works?

Verizon users might encounter messages from 6245 that contain the messages, sender as 6245 and the sender’s email address.

The text code 6245 means “Email” if trying to locate it on the dial pad. The simply means that someone has sent you an email and thus it’s a notification for Verizon users for the new incoming mail.

Also, some users have reported “6245” on their bills. This can be a transaction message sent from your bank as well.

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Example text from 6245:

As an example, consider a scenario where a close friend or family member needs to contact you via email, but they do not possess your email address.

In such cases, they can still send you an email by utilizing your Verizon number as the sender’s email address. The email will be received by texting the code 6245.

This convenient method allows your friends and family to communicate with you even if they do not have your email address readily available.

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Are Texts Messages From 6245 Scam?

Text messages can be sent to anyone who has access to your Verizon phone number by dialing 6245.

The straightforward answer to the question is it is not a scam until you can recognize the sender of a message that includes this Verizon SMS code, don’t respond to it.

In a few cases, it can also be a scam as anyone having your Verizon number can send you an email that you receive it from 6245.

So, it is always a wise idea to stay out of such messages if they re asking for any personal information or credit and security credentials.

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Can I reply Texts Messages From 6245?

Yes, you can reply the next from 6245 like any other message.

When you reply to a text message from 6245, the response will be directly sent to the person who has initiated the message.

How do I block 6245?

you can block all incoming messages from email addresses by texting “Block 6245” to 9999. You can also text 9999 to block individual numbers and addresses as well as list what you currently have blocked.

How can I get a transcript of text messages from Verizon?

Legally, Verizon doesn’t provide such a service to get a transcript of text messages. Still, you can try obtaining it via your My Verizon account through My Bill under bill details, or via My Services under my usage and follow the process if available.

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What are short code messages?

Short code messaging, also referred to as short numbers, Common Short Code (CSC), or abbreviated codes, is a prevalent technique employed for sending business text messages and marketing campaigns to users’ mobile devices.

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A shortcode is a specialized phone number typically composed of five to six digits, exclusively designated for one-way SMS and MMS messaging.

Can I Set up a Short Code Similar to 6245?

Shortcodes for SMS messaging can vary depending on the region or country. In the United States, you can apply directly to the US Short Code Administration, while in Canada, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) is responsible for issuing short SMS numbers.

Typically, a regional agency oversees the allocation and monitoring of shortcodes.

It’s important to note that a short code is not exclusive to a single brand, as multiple brands can lease the same short code by making monthly payments. In the US, the official shortcodes registry is managed by Iconectiv.

To find a relevant short code number, you can visit the official website of the Short Code Registry and conduct a search.

Choosing a short code number directly from a regulating body makes you liable for the below-mentioned steps:

  • Shortcode application approval from every cellular network provider
  • Self-hosting a quick code or hiring a company to do so on your behalf
  • Procuring relevant software to send your SMS messages

You can consult with an SMS aggregator (other names include SMS API providers and SMS providers) to secure a short SMS code number.

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Who Is Sending Text From 6245?

6245(MAIL) is a service provided by Verizon that allows you to send emails and texts using the recipient’s phone number. Anyone having your Verizon number can send you the message from 6245.

What is a text message from 6245?

If you’re getting text messages from 6245, don’t be alarmed, 6245 is just a generic number that shows up on cell phones when you get a text message, AIM or email that originated from the internet.

What carrier is Vtext?

With vtext.com, Verizon Wireless customers no longer have an excuse for not including everyone on weekend plans, homework groups or gossip updates. vtext.com includes up to 20 people in its Group distribution address book, so sending messages to the entire group takes just a few clicks.


Final Words:

The text message from 6245 on Verizon simply signifies that you have received an email from a person who has your Verizon number. You can either check your email to read the message. Also, you can reply to the text message from 6245 directly and the response will be delivered to the sender of the mail who has generated the text.

Also, be aware while responding to such messages and avoid sharing your personal information or credentials if suspected.