What is NativeDropBoxAgent and how to remove it?

NativeDropBoxAgent is a system app on Android devices associated with DropBox cloud storage itself. This is a native app for Motorola phones. Know more about NativeDropBoxAgent. What is it? How to uninstall it? What permission does NativeDropBoxAgent have? Let’s find the answers.

You can find several posts and forums around the web discussing the NativeDropBoxAgent causing problems on their Motorola smartphones.  The app is however alleged to associate with the popular cloud storage platform Dropbox. But, to your surprise, it has nothing to do with it. 

what is NativeDropBoxAgent
what is NativeDropBoxAgent

What is Nativedropboxagent?

NativeDropBoxAgent is a factory installed app on Motorola devices. The app is more than a software and it is not possible to uninstall it.

The “Native DropBox Agent” is always referred as the support software for Dropbox. But, it is not associated with it. The app is reported to cause some issues on the device.

The app is reported to create issues if you don’t have Dropbox installed on your device. The app has no significance on the device and is often considered bloatware.

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Common Issues By NativeDropBoxAgent

commonly reported issues caused by “Nativedropboxagent” are

  • High battery consumption.
  • Irrelevant Data Usage.
  • High usages in internet data.
  • cause device to shut down randomly.
  • High resource consumption like CPU and RAM.

There are several other issues reported by the users like an antivirus detecting NativeDropBoxAgent as harmful malware.

In a nutshell, NativeDropBoxAgent is a native system software found on Motorola phones with zero significance and lots of issues.

Important Features of Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to backup, restore and access your device data across the platform. It’s a multi-platform cloud storage service that allows you to access the data, media, files from PC and mobile devices. Here are some other features of DropBox.

Create and Save Documents

Dropbox allows you to create a document using cloud storage. The document can later be easily accessed across all platform like PC and other android devices.

Share Files

Ther Dropbox not only allows you to create or save files but it also allows you to share the stored data to others using  a sharable link.

Is NativeDropBoxAgent a virus?

No, NativeDropBoxAgent is not a virus and doesn’t contain any malicious spyware or keylogger. The app is completely safe but the app may cause some issues on the device like high battery consumption, RAM and CPU usage.

How to stop NativeDropBoxAgent?

There are multiple methods to stop this application, and the easiest way is described below:

Force Stop

As we know, it is not possible to remove or uninstall NativeDropboxAgent from the device. Yet, you can force stop the app from running in the background and eating up resources like battery, CPU, RAM and mobile data.

  1. Open settings on Motorola.
  2. Open apps and open NativeDropBoxAgent.
  3. Tap on Force stop button.

This will kill the NativeDropboxAgent process and stop it from running in the background. But, the apps get executed again once you restart the device.

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Can I disable Nativedropboxagent?

Yes, you can easily disable this application from the app management system of your device. Just go through the guide mentioned above in this post.

How can I uninstall the Nativedropboxagent app?

There is no authentic way to uninstall this application from your device, and if you still use any methods can create other problems.

How do I use Moto Actions?

You can use Moto Actions to perform different tasks on your Motorola mobile phone. After you’ve completed the setup, you can use the specific sensors as you assigned them in the setup.

Final Words:

Nativedropboxagent is a pre-installed system app on Motorola Android devices. The basic role of the app is to help Dropbox to run essential features. It is part of the main software of your device, so you can’t uninstall it.



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