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Doublelist the best ads and classified ads solution for you. Doublelist is one of the best alternatives to personal sites like craigslist and Backpage. This article explores all the features, History, ups and downs and some other interesting factors about the personal site Doublelist.



Doublelist is one of the leading and fastest rising personal sites after the shut down of another personal site Craigslist. But, things were not so easy for Doublelist to be the number one classified ads website.

So, before we dive into the amazing world of Doublelist, let’s know a bit about Doublelist.,,
Members50 Million+
Gender Ratio65% Male/35% Female
Account Verification Valid Moblie Number
Geo PopularityUSA (68%), International
Mobile App N/A for Mobile
Popularity2.1 million visitors/week
Fraud RiskVery High

What is Doublelist?

Like other personal classified sites, Doublelist is quite identical to them but yes with some naught features and genres.

After the shutdown of craigslist personal, due to FOSTA Act. the website came in limelight and was a new sensation for existing Craigslist personal visitors.

Doublelist is quite identical to other adult personal ads websites, but this website is actually a replica of Craigslist personal.

Origin of Doublelist

The original website came into existence after the shutdown of Craigslist personal in 2018. The website has never seen any downfall since the release.

Initially, the website was a simple classified ads website like Bookoo and Gumtree. But, soon the website turns to be a hookup site to meet strangers and sell their service.

But, wait! how can it be possible that Craigslist was taken down after FOSTA and the Doublelist still managed to survive even Doublelist has the same motto as Craigslist?

Well, the answer is, Doublelist played it smartly and removed all the sections provoking trafficking and other selling services that are not meant for teens.

However, the website is still indulged in the same ads and service but as you read earlier, they played it smartly by walking on a thin line between legal and illegal.

Doublelist personals Services

I hope you are quite aware of Doublelist by now. So, let’s talk about some services and features of the personal site Doublelist personals.

Doublelist has free and paid services on the platform where users are allowed to find a perfect match for dating and hookups. Here are some details:

Doublelist Free Services is open for all users for free. Anyone with a valid mobile number can register on the website to use the services. But still, free use is limited to post maximum 2 posts a day and each post can only contain only 4 photos each.

However, a free user is still allowed to participate in group chats and leave comments in the group. A webcam blog is also available for free registered users.

Doublelist Paid Services

If you are not satisfied with the free services of the website. You can always roll in for a free service. This is quite identical to free services but with extra benefits and fewer restrictions.

Registration on Doublelist

Doublelist is free to register for everyone. Anyone with a valid mobile number is free to register and use the services of the website. No Email or Social media link is required to signup the on the website.

You need a working mobile number to receive the activation code in order to activate the account. This is a one-time process and you don’t need them to insert the activation code again.

Creating Profile on Doublelist

Once registered, users are allowed to create a profile on Doublelist. Users can customize the profile according to their preferences, interests, and requirements. However, you cannot set mature content as the profile picture which is quite shocking.

Still, there are so many customizations available to make changes to reflect your personality.

DoubleList Mobile App

Currently, the website is limited to the web version only. Doublelist has not released any official app for their services. SO, the services are not available as a mobile app for Android or iOS as well. Still, there is a lot to explore on the web version itself.

Security and privacy

As we all know the personal websites like Craigslist and Doublelist is full of fraudsters. However, the website is secure itself and respects the privacy and security of the users. But, there is a high risk of scammer and fraudsters.

There is a common term used by such people called Doublelist Dallas. These Dallas are known for helping the users to get a real match for hookups which are a fraud for sure.

So, in order to use the services on Doublelist, one is advised to stay out of such fraudsters and scammers.

Is Doublelist down?

Yes, For now, the official website is down. Inline to improve some security features, the website is temporarily down and when you try to access the website, you might get a message saying:

“This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. You performed an action that triggered the service and blocked your request”.

But, there is nothing to worry about. This is not a permanent shutdown to the  Doublelist service. They are trying to make some updates to the interface and security measures. Soon the website will be up and available for users.

Frequently Asked Question

What is

Doublelist is a personal ads website broadly used for dating and hookups.

How can I Download Doublelist on Mobile?

Doublelist has not released any official app for mobile devices. They are limited to web baes services. Anyone claiming to be the Double list app either on Android or iOS is completely fake. However, you can use the web version of on mobile.

What is the best Alternative to Doublelist?

There are several websites and services like Doublelist some of the honorable mentions are as follows, XMatch, Pure, Gumtree, and Bookoo. You can find the list here.

What is the future of

Doublelist is continuously working on the platform to make it user-friendly and fraud-free. Recently, they have made so many changes to the admin security and user privacy level to save the users from imposters to make users feel more comfortable. Words came up in existence in earn 2018 to fill the gap created by the shut down of craigslist. The personal hookup site has more the 50 million users and with active 2.1 million visitors weekly. Here we have detailed a brief story of and the features and services provided by this hookup website. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.