How to Clear Facebook Cache on Android to Remove Junk Cookies

Clear Facebook Cache to refresh your news feed and Android memory. Facebook uses lots of caches to track users data, location and other information to display customized ads.  Facebook app on Android is about 100MB but when you check the storage usages of the Facebook app it will be in GB. Learn how to clear Facebook cache and free up the storage. This can also help to resolve the error on Facebook App Manager app as well.

clear facebook cache
clear facebook cache

Facebook Cache

Not only Facebook but all the app on Android uses the cache partition to store temporary files and data. With time these data get stored on the local storage of your Android phone making it out of memory.

These apps accumulate huge storage of your Android phone which may cause several errors including Android system update error.

However, We shall talk about the process to clear facebook cache data on Android mobiles. This method works on all Android models including Samsung, Sony, Mi, Realme and all versions of Android Oreo, Pie, etc. This universal method to clear Facebook cache data also works for stock android as well.

How to Clear Facebook Cache data on Android

Facebook stores all your browsing history and activity in the form of cookies on your Android Phone’s local storage.

This local storage used to store temporary data by the Android apps is called Cache.

The data stored on this partition is called Cache partition.

With the regular use of Facebook App on Android devices, this Cache partition gets full of cookies called Facebook cache data.

In order to increase the internal storage of Android and allow the app to run smoothly, it’s a good practice to clear your Android Facebook app cache data regularly.

Follow the steps below to clear Facebook cache on Android mobile:


  1. Open Setting on your Android phone.
  2. Go to App drawer by tapping on Apps.
  3. Tap on Facebook App to open the App details.
  4. Touch storage to find the storage and cache details used by Facebook app.
  5. Now Tap on clear cache.


You can see a significant difference in the amount of cache data used by your Facebook app. Restart your Android and experience the boosted speed. Clearing the Facebook cache will not delete your personal data or login credentials.

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Clear Facebook Cache: Final Words

Facebook uses the cache data to display user-customized ads. Using the cache data stored by the Facebook app on your Android mobile they can track your personal information including contacts, messages, Locations, etc. Overall its a good practice to clear Facebook cache data fro your Android device to avoid the data breach and let your apps run faster.