How to Change MAC Address on Android 10 and Later? Android MAC Spoofing.

 Android MAC Spoofing Why and How?

Changing MAC address on android helps to hide the android from other users and other devices to prevent a hacking attack on network. The process of changing MAC address on android is called Android MAC spoofing. But, What is MAC spoofing on android and how to change MAC address on Android? Also, what are the advantages and disadvantages(if any) of changing the Android MAC address? Let’s find the answers.

MAC address or Media Access Control Address is a unique identification code of every smart device that needs or uses the internet. Each device has a unique MAC address that is used to identify the device on the internet.

On Android phones, Mac addresses identify your devices on a network so that servers, apps, and the internet know where to send packets of data, and some also use it to track your device’s activity.

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change mac address on android root non root device

Why Do We Need to Change MAC Address?

Changing Android MAC Addresses can bypass access control lists on routers or servers to hide them from other networked devices and users. Or it can also be used to spoof and show like other devices on the network.

Another term for this transition is Mac spoofing, which is done for legitimate and illicit purposes alike.

Moreover, there are some security befits of changing MAC address on android and that is it adds an extra security layer to your android security. It can make it hard for hackers to identify your Android on the network.

Especially when the android is connected to public or open wifi like schools, Public Wifi or Workspaces, the chances of a hacking attack increase drastically.

In such, Spoofing Android Mac address prevents direct hacking because the impersonator cannot access your device directly without the actual address. Just think of this situation as using someone’s social security number.

It also helps you to connect to a network where your Android MAC address is blocked or blacklisted.

MAC address spoofing is possible on android with root and without root access as well. But, the process and tools required to change android MAC address under both conditions are quite different.

We are using a Samsung Galaxy phone as an example. However, Android MAC spoofing on all android phones is quite similar.

Here is the method to change MAC address on Android with root and without root access.

What is NetworkStack App on Android?

Change Android MAC Address without Root Access

Most of us, are not so handy with technology and often avoid root Android for warranty or other security reasons. In such, this method will assist you to change Android MAC address without root access. Follow the steps below;

Step 1. Get the Current MAC Address

  1. Open settings on android.
  2. Tap on About Phone.
  3. Tap on Status to find MAC address of your android.

Note down this number as you may need it to change it back to the original.

Step 2. Download the App to change MAC Address

  1. Download Terminal Emulator for Android.
    Terminal Emulator for Android
    Terminal Emulator for Android

Step 3. Changing MAC Address

  1. Run the Terminal Emulator and type the following command and press Enter to get the name of the network interface(FYA8000 for example).
    IP link show
  2. Now type the following commands and replace XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY with your new MAC address.
    ip link set FYA8000 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY

This will change the old MAC address to a new MAC address on android. Go to MAC address by navigating Settings>about phone>Status to verify the new MAC address.

Note: Replace FYA8000 with your network interface.

This will remain the default MAC address on android until the device is booted or restarted(non-root android).

Sometimes you might get the Access Denied error while changing MAC address on the non-rooted android. In such you need to enable ADB Wifi from within the Settings of your phone.

Here changing the MAC address on non-root android is quite easy but it’s temporary. As the MAC address gets to restored to the original MAC address every time you reboot your android.

This process however, comes in handy for both non-root and root android to change MAC address temporarily.

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Change Android MAC Address with Root Access

To change MAC address on Android with permanent effect a rooted device is required. The MAC spoofing on the non-root devices is temporary and gets restored to the original once the device is restarted. So, before you proceed, make sure to Root Android using the unlock tool and firmware.

This process of MAC spoofing on android required root access on android. If Follow the process below to change Android MAC address with Root access.

Step 1. Download BusyBox From Google Play Store

Download and install BusyBox and Terminal Emulator for Android from Google Play.

  1. BusyBox
    Developer: Stephen (Stericson)
    Price: Free

  2. Terminal Emulator
    Terminal Emulator for Android
    Terminal Emulator for Android

Step 2. Enable Super User Access

  1. Open the terminal emulator app, type the following command and press enter
  2. If the device asks you to allow the app to access root, tap on Allow.
  3. Now, Type the following commands and press enter to get the interface name (eg; FYA8000) and write down the name.
    IP link show
  4. Now use the following commands to get the current MAC address
    busybox ip link FYA8000 (Replace FYA8000 with your interface name)

Step 3. Changing MAC Address

  1. Once you have the interface name and MAC address number, use the following command n the terminal to change the MAC address on Android with root.
    busybox config FYA8000 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY

    Note: Replace FYA8000 with your android interface name and  XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY with the new MAC address you want to replace the old MAC with.

This will change the MAC address to new MAC address in android with permanent effect. Take note that the change is permanent, even after you restart your Android phone.

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These were the methods to change MAC address on Android with and without root access to spoof the name. For those who are still confused, here is a quick FAQ to MAC Address.


Is Changing MAC Address on Android is legal?

Yes, changing MAC address on Android is completely legal and doesn’t violate any rules or regulations.

Can I Change My Android MAC Address?

Yes, you can change your Android MAC address on root or non-root devices. The change on a non-root device is temporary and will be restored to the original MAC address. In order to change MAC address permanently, you need to root your android.

MAC Address vs IP Address What is the Difference?

The IP address of a device mainly helps in identifying the connection of a network (using which the device is connecting to the network).

The MAC Address, on the other hand, ensures the computer device’s physical location. It helps us to identify a given device on the available network uniquely.

Final Words:

The process of changing MAC address on android is called MAC spoofing. The technique is used to change the MAC address of Android on the rooted and non-rooted device are quite identical including Android version 10 and later, but with the different advantages of permanent and temporary changes of MAC address. MAC spoofing is legal and can be achieved easily by following the guide above. The method helps you to hide your android device identity on connected network to save it from potential hacking attacks and other reasons. Don’t forget to check our HOW TO section for other useful guides for Android.



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