How to Fix Android is Stuck in Safe Mode

Android is Stuck in Safe Mode is a common problem you encounter while booting your Android in safe mode. It might be the hardware or the software which might be interrupting the Android system leading to a stuck android on safe mode screen. Android safe mode boots the system with minimal settings and applications to help you to diagnose the problem causing your Android malfunction. You may experience sometime that the Android is stuck in safe mode. 

How to Fix Android is Stuck in Safe Mode

Find the all possible reason and solution to fix the stuck Android in safe mode. In most cases, the crashed mobile in safe mode can be solved with a simple restart but if this method doesn’t seem to work for you, you might need to follow other steps to Solve the Android Safe mode stuck.

How to fix if Android is stuck in Safe Mode

Booting Android in safe mode can help you to diagnose the error causing the Android for all possible errors regarding lag, overheat, crash, Android system update error, and other performance-related issues.

But, somehow you may experience that your Android is stuck in Safe Mode. You are not able to do anything on your mobile and the screen freezes.

So, before you get panic I suggest you to try applying these fixes in order to solve the crashed Android in Safe mode. There are several methods you can try.

But here is the top working method to fix the issue. If you are stuck at Safe mode or Can’t come out of Safe mode. Follow the methods below.

1. Power Off Android to boot in Normal mode.

Try switching off Android, if your Android is stuck in Safe Mode and you can’t come out of safe mode screen. Try a force shutdown by pressing and holding the power key until you feel a vibration on your Android mobile.

This can happen to anyone while trying to boot the Android in safe mode. Some hardware and software might keep Android from coming out of Safe mode.

A force restart attempts to close the Android system forceful without closing the opened apps and functions. Just press and hold the power button until you feel the vibration on your Android. This will confirm a force restart of Android.

2. Pull the Battery(If possible)


However, this method might not work for your Android as most of mobiles today comes with a built-in battery. However, if you can open the case of the mobile it can be done easily as the battery is connected with a simple socket connected to the PCB.

Pull the battery out and wait for 2-3 minutes before you insert it back. This is the most successful method to fix the “Android is Stuck in Safe Mode“.

3. Remove Latest Installed Application

If your Android is still stuck on safe mode. It’s better to uninstall any recent app you have installed on your mobile. Uninstall the recently installed app can solve your problem. Go to Setting>apps and uninstall the app.

4. Wipe Cache Partition to quit safe mode

Cache memory is used to store all the data from a recently used app and features on your Android. You can try to wipe the cache partition of your Android may help you to turn off Safe mode and boot Android in normal mode.

Benefits of Cleaning Facebook cache

5. Check for a stuck button

Safe mode is executed by pressing a combination of keys. This is the most common cause of being stuck in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is usually enabled by pressing and holding a button while the device is starting.

Stucked power or volume will keep Android booting in safe mode

Common buttons you would hold are the volume up, volume down, or menu buttons.

If one of these buttons are stuck or the device is defective and registers a button is being pressed, it will continue to start in Safe Mode.

Ensure none of the buttons is held down by a foreign object or an accessory. Pull the device out of its case to be sure that’s not the cause.

Give each button on the device a push to test out if they stick in any way. You may need to clean the buttons with a damp cloth in some cases.

6. Factory reset Android

If the methods above don’t seem to work for you and you are stuck in safe mode. It is the last method you need to apply. Last, because this will erase all your data, personal information media, and apps from your Android mobile or tablet.

To Factory reset Android

  1. Turn off Android
  2. Press Volume+down key together for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Use volume key to navigate to wipe data/factory reset.
  4. Press the power button to select.
  5. Confirm to hard reset Android.
  6. Wait for the process to finish and reboot.

Hard resetting Android will restore the Android phone to factory mode and all the settings and apps will be removed.

Final Words:

Improper execution or method to run safe mode in Android can lead to Stucked Android in safe mode. You won’t be able to come out of safe mode and boot the Android in normal mode. This is a pretty common and known issue. Try fixing the Stucked Android in safe mode using the methods above.



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