Restricted Phone Call: What Is It? Should You Be Concerned?

Restricted Calls: Everything You Need To Know 

Have you ever received an incoming call marked as “restricted”? You suddenly get an incoming call on your phone and the caller ID shows the number as a restricted number. So this is quite confusing. Should you receive this restricted call? What does it actually mean? And how they call from a restricted number. How to trace a restricted phone call? Let’s find the answers.

A caller usually uses the prefix *67 to block the caller ID to hide the number and this bounds the caller ID on your phone to show the number as an “unknown number” or restricted number. These calls are usually generated by marketing agencies or promotional agencies.

What Is Restricted Phone Call
What Does Restricted Phone Call Mean?

What is a Restricted Call?

An incoming call with no caller identification or phone number on your phone is considered a restricted call. The incoming call is neither listed on the caller ID apps nor the number reflected even after receiving the call. Statements that display when there is no number format on the screen are ‘Blocked,’ ‘Unknown,’ and ‘No Caller ID.’

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The calls are mostly generated either by VoIP apps by the marketing agencies or might be spam calls. Receiving a call from a restricted number is always a concern. There are two basic reasons your phone shows an incoming call as restricted.

Restricted for Security Reasons

The numbers are intentionally kept restricted by the marketing agencies and promoters while calling to enhance security.

Restricted for Privacy Reasons

A caller may restrict their number for privacy reasons as well. This helps them to go incognito while calling to keep their number private.

Does *67 Still Work?

What Does Restricted Call Mean?

Restricted Call simply means that the caller has intentionally hidden their called ID to keep the number private. These can be achieved either by requesting to carrier provider or adding the prefix 67* before the number.

That also suggests that the caller either has the number blocked from accessing private personal information or is still blocked whether it is a debt collection firm or an organization that needs to receive money from you or information from you.

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How to Block A Restricted Call Number?

Many people find it annoying to receive calls from restricted numbers. These restricted phone calls are often considered harassment or spam. In such you might be seeking a method to block calls from a restricted number.

Thankfully it is possible to block calls from a restricted number. Follow the steps below

Block Restricted Phone Calls on Landline

  1. Turn on the caller ID.
  2. Find the block number option.
  3. Dial *77, then wait for the confirmation message.
  4. You will receive an automated message to unblock the caller ID.

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Block Restricted Call on Android

Blocking a restricted call on an Android device is fairly easy. Follow the steps below;

  1. Open dialer app on Android.
  2. Open settings.
  3. Go to Blocked numbers.
  4. Tap on + icon to add the number to the list.
  5. Navigate to call log on tap on the restricted number to add to the list.

Block Restricted Call on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Do Not Disturb.
  3. Now select Allow Call From.
  4. Tap whom you want to accept calls from.
  5. Finally, turn on the Do Not Disturb button.

Block restricted calls using call blocker apps

There are many call blocker apps like Truecaller, Hiya, etc. that can assist you to block restricted calls. These apps enable you to block unknown numbers.

These apps help you to identify restricted numbers and provide you with their details if it is in their database.

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Built -in Call Blocking for Restricted Call

Some carrier providers like Verizon and AT&T, block numbers from applications that are open only to consumers of the firm. Also, there are several smartphone manufacturers that include restricting call features built-in as default. But, you can also use third-party apps or caller ID apps to block restricted calls.

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Should I answer a restricted call?

Answering a call from a restricted number is not harmless. After all, it’s just a simple incoming call. However, it’s up to you if you want to answer restricted calls or not. As most of these calls are either promotional or spam calls.

While on the other hand, restricted phone calls are not always spamming as most of telemarketers use the same technique to call their customers to inform them about discount offers and sales.

When it comes to a restricted call, it’s best to ignore it and let them leave a voicemail if they are so eager to make contact.

If restricted callers do not leave a message explaining their call and how to reach them, it was most likely a scammer or robocall.

Can I Call Back to Restricted Phone Number?

A restricted phone call does not usually contain any number and if they do then they are mostly in a four-digit number. So technically it’s not possible to call back a restricted phone call number.

Also, I’m most cases you won’t be able to find the exact valid number to call.

However, you can use some methods to reveal a restricted number and consider calling them back.

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Who Uses Restricted Calls?

Restricted Calls are usually used by telemarketers, companies and in some cases spammers as well. The basic purpose is to hide the identity or number.

However, the caller is specifically choosing to disable their caller ID in an attempt to remain anonymous. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for someone you know and trusts to go through the trouble of disguising their number.


Can you call back a restricted number?

It is not possible to call back a restricted number as there is no number available to call on. Still, you can follow these free methods to reveal a restricted number.

Main Reasons for Restricting A Phone Number?

The restricted phone calls are usually generated by marketing agencies and promotional telemarketers. In such, it is important to hide the number for privacy and security reasons.

Why would a restricted number call me?

Have you received a call from a “restricted number” and ever wondered why? These restricted calls are generally generated by VoIP and SIP account or apps in order to hide the number for privacy and safety concerns.

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Final Words:

Restricted Calls or a call from unknown numbers are usually generated by telemarketing callers or marketing agencies. These calls are usually harmless and you can solemnly decide either to answer or ignore the call. These numbers are usually displayed on the caller ID as Blocked, Private Caller, No Caller ID, Restricted, or Unknown. These promotional calls are usually harmless and useless. So, if you are getting frequent calls from a restricted number. Let me let you it is quite easy to block the restricted number on Android and iPhone. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


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