How to Fix IMS registration status says “Not registered”

IMS registration status ‘Not Registered’ is the quite common error reported on AT&T and TracFone SIM. The error appears to be an issue with carrier provider Verizon, Sprint, etc as well. Know all about IMS registration status. What cause the registration status as not registered and how to fix it.

IMS registration status Not registered
IMS registration status says Not registered

The IMS Service stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem Service. IMS services allow the Android software of Android smartphones such as Samsung S9, S10, S8 Samsung Note and other 4G Smartphones to work properly with the carrier-provided communication app.

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The error with SIM card or carrier provider itself may interfere with the connection between the network tower and SIM causing the IMS status error in such the device may show a pop-up showing “Not Registered”

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What is IMS Registration Status?

The invention discloses an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) registration status update reporting method. The method comprises the steps of obtaining VoLTE (Voice over LTE) switch status change information and sending the information to an IMS service cache.

After the IMS service cache receives the VoLTE switch status change information, updating a registration state of an IMS and reporting the registration status to a status bar module; and controlling an HD icon to be displayed or hidden by the status bar module according to the registration state of the IMS.

 What causes the IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered’?

IMS Registration can indicate “Not Registered” for any number of reasons -defective or missing UICC (SIM card), corrupt radio firmware, mismatched hardware blobs due to incompatible ROM, etc.

The primary cause, however, is simply a non-provisioned device & carrier. But here are the other reasons that may cause the error;

  • Phone’s firmware or operating system is out of date.
  • The SIM card is disconnected or damaged.
  • Carrier is not selected in your phone’s settings.
  • Carrier is experiencing an outage.

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Resolve IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered’

If you are using a Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, TextNow, FreedomPop or Ting compatible device, and your device has been activated, open your stock dialer and dial ##72786# then select YES on the SCRTN menu.

This resets your device’s network, telephony and RIL settings to factory default, reconfigures your telephony.db and telephony.journal libs, prompts an update of your PRL and client-initiated profile, and initiates IMS registration of your device & carrier.

This is the working method to fix the IMS registration error. However, there are several other methods you should try if the above methods don’t work for you which are listed below.

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Other Methods to fix IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered’

Try these methods to fix the error and register the SIM on the network

Force Restart the device

A force restart will clear all the temporary data and junks that may create conflict preventing the SIM from connecting to the network. This may also work in the area with low network reception and force the SIM card to attempt network registration.

Remove and Re-Insert SIM Card

A sudden drop of phone may also cause your Verizon device to show the no network error. This may cause the SIM on the device to lose connection with SIM connector pins on the device.

In such, removing the SIM card from the device and re-inserting it back may resolve the network error.

Turn Airplane mode on/off

Switching the airplane mode on and off can also help your SIM card to re-register on the network and this may solve the IMS registration error. All you need to do is swipe down the notification panel on the device and tap on the airplane icon to turn it on.

Wait for 10 seconds and turn it off and see if the SIM is registered on the network.

Check for the proper Network Mode

Make sure to select the correct network type for the SIM card. For example, a 4G SIM card won’t get registered if the network mode on the device is selected for 3G.

A wrong network selection can also cause a network outage and hence causing the IMS service status as not registered.

To resolve the issue make sure you have the right network mode selected on the device.

Go to Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Mode and select the proper network mode from LTE/3G/4G.

Turn on Radio Signal(Samsung)

Samsung android phones like Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge may also show the “No Service” or “Not Registered on Network” error if the radio signal is turned off accidentally or intentionally chance causing the IMS registration status as Not registered.

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Follow the steps below to resolve the problem;

  1. Open the dialer on your Samsung phone.
  2. Dial the following code to enter service mode.
  3. Tap on “Device information” or “Phone information.”
  4. Tap “Run Ping test.”
  5. When you click the “Turn Radio Off” button, the Galaxy will restart.
  6. If necessary, select Restart.

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What if anything doesn’t work?

If the method explained above doesn’t seem to work, it is suggested to check for temporary network outrage on your location. Just move your phone to some other area. You can also contact the carrier provider’s contact number to get assistance.

Also, physical damage caused by a sudden drop or exported with moisture may cause the error. Go to the local authorized service store and verify the same.

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Final Words:

IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered’ is a common error that may occur when your phone is not able to register on the network. This may be caused by damages SIM, SIM provisioned error and other hardware errors on phone SIM card slot itself or an issue with your carrier, Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, TextNow, FreedomPop or Ting compatible device.

You can apply the methods explained in the post to fix the IMS Registration Status ‘Not registered’ error. Also, don’t forget to check our TROUBLESHOOT section for other useful error fix guides for Android.