How to Fix SD Card not Recognized or Unable to Mount SD Card Error in Android and PC

SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized on Android mobile is a quite common error when your SD Card is either not recognized by Android device or a corrupt and mounting error can lead the error. When Android saves all the data and images to the default internal storage and the Micro SD card in your Android remains unused. Fix Common SD-Card mounting error and solve SD Card not recognized on Android problem.

SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized

We use SD or Micro SD card in Mobiles/PC and other digital media recorder devices. A standard Micro SD Card in mobile is used to store images, videos, data, and many more digital files.

But, the SD card inside your mobile often ends up causing a mounting error or unable to recognize problem.

How to fix corrupted sd card on Android phone

You are not alone who is facing the “SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized on Android”. In order to get the solution, I went to several forums and posts and I was surprised to know that there are several users who are facing the mounting error of SD card on their Android, Camera, and PC.

For some practical scenario here is a couple of live scenarios. So, how to fix corrupted sd card on android?

Live Scenario one:

SD Card Not Recognized

My phone is not mounting my SD card. I tried rebooting, taking out the SD card reboot power off put SD card in turn on, erase SD card (IT CANT EVEN DO THAT)

I can not switch roms

I can not erase SD card

I can not do anything SD card related.

I don’t get because I have been listening to music all day.

Any tips on how to fix this?

– Source Android Central Forums

Live Scenario Two:

I’m having an issue with the micro SD card that was mounted in my Galaxy S4.

My phone died somewhat unexpectedly last night. There was ~25% left on the battery last I had checked, but later I noticed it was completely dead when I was on my way to bed. I’m not sure if it matters, but I did NOT drop or damage the phone on any way. I plugged the phone in, let it charge, and turned it on again this morning.

Now, any apps I had saved to my SD card won’t open, and if I try to click on them it says “Application not installed.” Any pics saved to SD are not displayed either.
If I go to the storage menu in the phone’s system manager, the SD card does not show up as even being read/mounted.

I also tried connected the phone via USB to my PC as well as inserting the card directly into the built-in card reader. Explorer does not even show a disk drive pop up. The card seems to be totally unreadable in either the phone or the PC, so I don’t even know how I would go about reformatting it, if that truly is the only solution.

I’ve come across this problem in a few other threads. Someone suggested trying Search and Recover after having a similar issue with a CD that couldn’t be read. I installed the trial version, and it just says, “The source location you have specified does not exist” when I select the drive the micro SD card is plugged into.

Should I just cut my losses and call the card dead, or is someone out there aware of some kind of fix?

Thanks in advance!

– Source Tomsguide Forum

These were the few examples when users have faced the error with SD Card on Android device. And if you are reading this then I am quite sure you are also having the same question about fixing SD Card mounting error on Android, PC or digital camera.

Don’t worry I will try to explain all the possible reasons causing an unrecognized SD card or mounting error on Android mobiles.

Besides, nowadays almost Android mobiles are equipped with larger internal storage still you can’t ignore the significance of a Micro SD card.

So, it’s a nice idea to take care of your Micro Sd card and resolve the issue regarding SD Card mounting, SD Card Detection error, SD Card format error and any other SD card related issues.

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What causes Micro SD card not recognized Error

SD card mounting error on mobile devices may be caused by several reasons, incorrect allocation, improper partitions and MBR configuration, incorrect disk format and many more. What so ever the reason is.

If you try to insert a SD card with an error, it prevents the Android system to read the sectors and allocation of the disk causing Micro SD Card mounting error.

However, there are other reasons behind a SD card mount error on your mobile and other devices. What so ever the reasons are still you will get the same Unable to mount SD card or SD card not recognized error.

How To Fix SD Card Won’t Mount Error?

If you are getting an issue while trying to access your external SD Card on your mobile. Your device displays an error “Micro SD Card cannot be read“.

You might need to go for a Trial-and-Hit method to solve SD card mounting error on your Android.

However, below are some initial steps you can try to diagnose causing sd card not recognized error.

1. Try some simple steps to solve Micro SD card not recognized

  • Reboot your Android phone.
  • Remove your battery and SD card, and then return them back.

2. Try cleaning SD Card physically

Sometimes, improper contact with SD Card pin on Android mobiles can cause the SD Card Mounting error.

Cleaning the metal pin of your SD Card with mild detergent and a soft cloth can help you to establish the proper connection and SD Card should be working fine.

3. Unmount and Mount SD Card to solve an SD Card Won’t Mount Error

This may sound funny but sometimes physically removing the SD card from the card socket can disturb the software algorithm responsible for reading SD card.

Mounting and remounting the SD Card from mobile settings can fix the SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized in Android.

Follow the steps below to Unmount and Mount SD card from Android.

  • Go to Settings on your Android mobile.
  • Go to Storage and tap on the Storage option.
  • Select Unmount SD Card.
  • Remove the SD card and reinsert it back

4. Clear Android Cache Partition to Solve Micro SD card Mount error

If your SD Card for phone not working yet, you may need to clear cache partition of Android mobile to fix the corrupt files system configuration on your Android system.

Wiping the cache partition will reset the default file system and help Micro SD card to reload in the memory.

In addition, cleaning the cache can also enhance your Android speed and improve your mobile performance. Follow the guide: Wipe Android cache partition to solve sd card not recognized error.

5. Format Micro SD Card to solve Mouting Error on Android.

If all the above-mentioned solutions don’t seem to work. Seems you are out of luck and your SD is corrupt. You may need to format the SD Card in order to fix a corrupt SD Card. There are two methods you can use to format the SD Card,

  1. Using Android Setting
  2. Using Windows PC

1. Format SD Card Using Android Settings to fix Corrupt SD Card

You can format your SD card and make it accessible. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your android phone
  • Click Storage and then select Format SD card < Mount SD card

This step may resolve any software issues, and you might be able to access the SD card, but there is a probability that you may lose your data as well.

2. Format Using Windows PC to Fix Corrupt MicroSD Card


  • Remove Micro SD card from your Android.
  • Insert SD Card in card reader slot on Windows PC.
  • Open Explorer and Right Click on the SD Card.
  • Select Format in the Drop-Down menu.
  • Change the File type to FAT32
  • Click on Start to Format and select OK to Confirm

Note: This will fix SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized error but this will erase all your data from your SD card as well.


Fix a corrupt micro SD card to solve SD Memory Card Cannot Mount or Recognized on Android and PC. A micro SD card reading error can be caused by several other reasons. If you are still unable to fix SD Card mounting error on your Android, you need to replace the SD Card and buy a new one. Don’t forget to check our TROUBLESHOOT section for other useful error fix guides for Android.



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