What is this “com.android.backupconfirm”? – Android

Have you ever encountered the term “com.android.backupconfirm” on Android? Even I was curious about it. How vulnerable is it and is com.android.backupconfirm a threat to your data and privacy? let’s know the answers.

What is com.android.backupconfirm on Android?


com.android.backupconfirm is a dialog popping up when initiating adb backup to confirm the user for a complete backup or restore on Android. The package is a javascript launched by the adb package on Android to intimate the user every time a full backup or restore is initiated.

What Is com.android.sharedstoragebackup?

Is com.android.backupconfirm is bug?

No, com.android.backupconfirm is completely harmless ADB package app on Android and it doesn’t harm your data and privacy. Users often mistake com.android.backupconfirm as malware.

This confirms with the user that a requested full backup/restore operation is legitimate.

Any attempt to perform a full backup/restore will launch this UI and wait for a designated timeout interval (nominally 30 seconds) for the user to confirm.

If the user fails to respond within the timeout period or explicitly refuses the operation within the UI presented here, no data will be transferred off the device.

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Can I Disable com.android.backupconfirm on Android?

No, it is not possible to disable or remove com.android.backupconfirm from Android as it is hard to find the exact package file without root access.

Secondly, it is not a wise idea to remove the com.android.backupconfirm as the package is responsible for backup and restore valuable data.

How to Fix com.android.backupconfirm on Android?

Usually, the adb package “com.android.backupconfirm” doesn’t keeps running on Android and is only initiated when a system update or backup/restore is attempted by the user.

Still, if you are getting a continuous pop-up saying “unfortunately com.android.backupconfirm has stopped”. You can always reset the cache of the app to refresh the package. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Android app Drawer
  2. Tap on “sort by” and enable “show system apps”
  3. Here find the com.android.backupconfirm app package and tap to open.
  4. Now, tap on the storage option
  5. Tap on “clear cache” and “clear data”
  6. Restart the device.

Where is the backup stored on Android phones?

Your critical data is securely stored in a private folder within your Google Drive account. However, your Android device only retains the most recent backup, automatically deleting older backups.

Deleting a full backup from your Android device removes the backup files, but your phone’s data remains unaffected. Backups are created as copies of your original data and can serve as a reliable source of recovery in case of data loss or corruption.

Regularly backing up your files and data is essential in effective data management to prevent data loss from hardware failure, human error, phone disasters, power outages, and display loss.

Backups not only safeguard your valuable data but also save you time and money by providing a backup of all your essential files.

com.android.backupconfirm: Final Words

As we discussed above com.android.backupconfirm is a javascript adb package on Android responsible to notify users every time a backup or restore is attempted on Android. It’s always a good practice to backup your valuable data frequently. You can either use cloud backup or take a manual backup.


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