can’t take screenshot due to security policy Android

can’t take screenshots due to security policy is the security notification on Android phones you might have encountered when you attempted to take a screenshot on Facebook or Google Chrome. But what keeps you from taking a screenshot from your own Android phone and how to resolve the issue? Let’s give the answer.

can't take screenshot due to security policy Android

Why does my Android show the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message?

This is the security algorithm on Android phones to prevent copyright content from being copied or distributed illegally.

Moreover, social media apps like Facebook may also prevent you from taking a screenshot and show the notification “can’t take screenshot due to security policy”.

Initially, the restrictions to take a screenshot were imposed to private browsing mode also known as Incognito mode.

Later on, the restrictions were soon adopted by other Android apps like Facebook and media streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney as well.

This is a security feature on Android phones where you have been prohibited from taking screenshots either browsing on an Incognito mode of Chrome browser or using the Facebook app. And same applies to other OTP and media streaming platforms.

To explain this screenshot restriction due to the security policy error “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message they cited and repeated the same security and copyright thing.

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Why I Cannot Take Screenshot?: Reasons

Besides this Android security and privacy protocol, there are several other reasons and causes that prevent you from taking a screenshot.

In most cases, the Android device itself is not the culprit to restrict the user to take screenshots.

Here are a few reasons which might keep you from taking screenshots on your Android device including your phone and tablet.

Browser Security Policy

Internet browsers like Google Chrome do not allow the user to take a screenshot while browsing in incognito mode.

Sadly this cannot be disabled and you cannot take a screenshot if you are browsing in Google Chrome Incognito mode.

So, if you are spying on someone as seeking evidence, it’s better you browse on the normal mode of Google Chrome to avoid the regressions of not able to take screenshots.

Screenshot feature disabled From Phone settings

Android phone manufacturers like Samsung allow users to disable the screenshot feature by going to certain settings.

In most cases, you can enable it again by navigating to settings. But if you are still unable to take a screenshot or cannot find a setting to disable screenshot restriction.

In that case, you may need to contact the service center or customer care of the phone manufacturer company to resolve the issue.

Cannot Take Screenshot on Certain apps

As we discussed above in the article, certain apps on Android phones may have an extra security feature that prevents you from taking a screenshot.

Banking apps, bill payment apps, movie streaming apps and some social media apps have this extra security feature embedded with the app that not only prevents you from taking a screenshot but it can also help you to save your privacy and credentials in case your Android is hacked or under any Malware influence.

Fixing Can’t take Screenshots due to Security Policy

You have seen several reasons for the screenshot not working on some applications. It is not easy to fix this problem. However, we shall discuss here some best solutions.

After deciding on the issue, choose these tips and tricks. This may assist while you can’t take screenshots due to security policy.

FIX 1: Disable privacy or security settings that prevent screenshot

Some certain applications and browser modes on Android may display the error message “can’t take screenshot due to security policy”.

But if you find it hard to take a screenshot on your Android phone no matter what screen you are on or what application you are using, chances are, your Android has a privacy or security feature that prevents screenshots from being taken.

Thankfully, you can simply toggle this feature off to take a screenshot on your Android device.

Here is how to disable the privacy setting that prevents you from taking screenshots.

  1. Open settings on Android phone
  2. Go to Security and backup
  3. Scroll down and open Screenshot
  4. Toggle allow screenshot button on
  5. Exit and restart the phone.
enable screenshot android
Toggle allow screenshot button on

This will now allow you to take screenshots on Android.

The method explained here works with all major Samsung Android phones. However, that settings may look different on different brands and mobile phone models.

If you are still not able to disable the privacy setting to enable screenshots on your phone it is suggested to contact your phone manufacturer’s customer care and ask for a solution.

FIX 2: Disable in-app Screenlock security feature.

Some application has a built-in security feature that does not allow a user to take a screenshot. However, this screen lock security feature can easily be disabled on a few applications.

But on the other hand, Android applications like financial apps and banking apps either won’t let you disable this feature and you won’t get an option to disable it.

The application which allows disabling it, the setting can be found somewhere under account settings. Users can easily disable this screenshot security feature to enable screenshots.

But sadly most of the application that deals with finance or banking services won’t let you take a screenshot on the screen.

FIX 3: Use Google Assistant to take a screenshot

  1. Launch Google Assistant and tap the Explore icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial in the upper right corner, and choose Settings.
  3. Choose Assistant from the top navigation. Scroll down to the Assistant devices section, and tap Phone (or Tablet).
  4. Scroll down to the General section and toggle Use screen context on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bypass Cannot take screenshots by security policy?

There is not a certain hack to bypass the cannot take screenshot by security policies but still there are few methods you can apply to enable screenshot on Android.

Why can’t I take a screenshot?

In-app privacy policies, Incognito mode Browser and Android screen lock security feature itself may prevent you from taking a screenshot on Android phones.

How do you remove a restrictions screenshot?

This depends on the application to application whether you can remove the restriction on screenshot. If you are dealing with some regular application then, yes screenshot can always be enabled back by going to account settings.
But in case of banking and financial application, it is not possible to take in screenshot on remove restrictions on taking screenshots.

Final words

“can’t take screenshot due to security policy” is the error message you may encounter while taking a screenshot on Android. Can be caused by many factors including in-app security, private browsing, OTT applications, and Android built-in screen lock security feature. In most cases, it is possible to take screenshots by taking some settings on an Android phone. But in the case of financial or banking apps, it pretty much depends on the security policies of the individual app whether they allow the user to take screenshots or not. Don’t forget to check our TROUBLESHOOT section for other useful error fix guides for Android.

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