Best Einthusan Alternatives: Sites to Stream Free Movies & Web Series

We love watching movies. Watching the latest movies for free is like a dream come true. Today we shall discuss some free websites you can use yo watch the latest Tamil movies, Telugu Movies, Hindi movies, Hollywood movies and your favorite Tv and Web series for free. We have already discussed Einthusan a free Movies stream website. This article is discussed about the free Einthusan alternatives to watch your favorite movies and shows.

Einthusan alternative


Einthusan is a free online streaming website to watch latest movies from different movies industry and languages. Einthusan has a huge library collection of movies in different languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and other south Indian movies.

Popular portals of Einthusan

  • Einthusan Telugu
  • Einthusan Tamil
  • Einthusan Hindi

Einthusan Not Working

You might find that the official website of Einthusan is not working and you may find a notification on your browser that the Einthusan services are not available on your country. What is the reason and how to access Einthusan?

Einthusan is, however, a popular source for watching movies for free but still the copyright violations and pirated content keep them from getting a legal identity on the internet. The website has gone through several bans and legal consequences.

Einthusan Not Working
Einthusan Not Working

The website is permanently banned in several Asian countries including India. In such you are not allowed to access the official Einthusan website in these countries. But still, there are several other methods to open Einthusan on your PC and mobile.

How to Acces Einthusan

If you are a fan of watching free movies on Einthusan but unable to open the website n your PC or mobile. You can use any decent VPN on your device and access the website. As most of the VPN services are paid and you need to buy them as monthly subscriptions. Still, you can find some free VPN online.

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These VPNs make your IP address ping from some other country send the signals to the server from some distant location. And as we all know the websites are blocked for some specific IP addresses, changing the IP address of your ISP can give you access to Einthusan official website.

Einthusan Alternatives: Watch Free Movies and Series

The free movie streaming website was found violating the standard copyright policies and hence it caused a ban on the original website. But, still, there are several other Einthusan alternatives you can use to watch movies, TV shows and web series for free.

Einthusan alternatives
Einthusan alternatives

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Find the list of best Einthusan alternatives you can use to watch movies and series for free.

1. YouTube

Youtube is the no. 1 video streaming website in the world. According to a survey, 50% of the world’s internet data is consumed by YouTube itself. This video platform can be used as the best Einthusan alternatives. You can watch almost any movies and TV shows on YouTube for free. All you need is a decent working internet connection.

You can find a huge collection of your favorite movies including Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies, Kannada Movies, and many more.

With the YouTube VOD feature, you can also watch the latest movies on YouTube like Einthusan.

Besides, the platform is available for the creators to upload their own videos for free and let the world watch it.

2. Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime, this Einthusan alternative is an online movie streaming website introduces by Amazon. Unlike Einthusan, Amazon Prime is a legal streaming service to watch the latest movies and TV series. You can find a free and paid version of the streaming services.

A free streaming service allows you to watch movies and shows which contain ads over video. meanwhile, with a paid subscription you can watch the latest and newly released movies on the portal. Like Einthusan, the service is also available for PC and mobile devices.

3. Netflix

Netflix is, however not a free movie streaming service but still, when it comes to watching movies and web series, Netflix is the best Einthusan alternative. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of content.

There’s always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month!

Netflix is a paid streaming service with various range of movies and web series. In addition, you can also find some outstanding original web series.

House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Secret Games etc are some highlights of the streaming service which was quite popular around the globe.

4. is another one of the free Einthusan alternatives. Like Einthusan this free movie and TV series streaming website is free to stream movies.

You can browse a huge library of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other south Indian and regional languages here.

For someone who loves to binge-watch movies apart from the popular Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, then is a perfect place for you. It is a decent option when compared to the Einthusan Hindi movie catalogue.

5. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a free movie and series streaming website introduced by Sony Entertainment. This free website is available to stream and watches the latest movies and series in all major languages including Regional and South Indian movies.

One of the best Einthusan alternatives, SonyLiv is available in free and paid and versions as well. In order to watch the latest moves and TV series, you need to take a subscription. However, the porta is still free to stream movies for free as well.

Einthusan Alternatives: Watch free Movies and Series

Einthusan is a popular yet illegal website to watch movies and tv series. Besides this, spammy add-ons and pop-up ads can put your device at risk. As the Einthusan is full of spammy pop-up ads, it’s a better idea to watch the movie on some Einthusan Alternatives available to watch movies and series