Download Winamp Media Player on Android

Winamp For Android is finally available to download for Android. Sadly, Winamp Android is not available to download from the official play store. How to download and install Winamp on your Android smartphone and devices to enjoy your favorite mp3 player?

winamp for android
Winamp Android

Winamp for Android- Not Available on Playstore

It is official that Winamp is not available to download from Playstore any more. Surprisingly there is no information regarding the removal of Winamp from the play store. However, the last working version for Android Winamp 1.4.15 is still available to download on several portals and forums. Ironically, there is no Winamp Apk available on the official Winamp website.

Download Winamp apk for Android

As you know Winamp Android is not available to download from play store. But, there are several websites claiming to provide the working Winamp Apk files. But, most of the sources are not trusted. This means you may end up installing either a replica of Winamp Android or a spammy App on your Android device.

This may lead to a serious problem for your Android device. You can be a victim of malware attacks. I am sharing a working Winamp apk from my mobile which is downloaded from Playstore and last official version of Winamp Android.

How to Download and Install Winamp apk on Android

You can download the official Winamp Android version 1.4.15 from the link below. Follow the instruction to install Winamp on your Android.

Download Winamp Android

  • Download Winamp Android apk from the link above.
  • Tap to open once downloaded.

Winamp Android

  • Tap on settings if asked.


  • Toggle the button to the right to turn it on.


  • Go back and tap on the Install button.


Bingo!! You have just installed Winamp media player on your Android.

Final Words:

Winamp is one of the best media players from Windows and MAC. Winamp Android is not available to download from play store. But, if you love to listen to music on your Android and you are missing your favourite Winamp player for Android. You can download Winamp for Android from the link above and enjoy listening to music and radio with all new Winamp. Also, don’t forget to check our APP section for other useful apps for Android.

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