UICC Unlock | What is UICC Unlock? Everything You Should Know About.

UICC unlock is a process to unlock your smartphone in case of locked to which term of same functions. This means you are restricted to use a sim card from a specific carrier provider. To use SIM card provided by some other career provider, you are required to unlock the UICC on your smartphone. Well before we proceed to UICC unlock, let’s know a bit about UICC and its functions of UICC. How to unlock UICC on sprint phones?


What is UICC?

UICC is an abbreviation for Universal Integrated circuit card also known as SIM card. It is accountable to help your smartphone connect with wireless carrier services via pre-configured instructions stored on a SIM card.

The UICC is responsible for establishing a connection and identifying your device on the network.

It also stores your data and contacts to provide a secure reliable and efficient data connection.

In addition, network services and other value-added services are being monitored by UICC.

Once you get your phone activated for the first time using a SIM card, the UICC comes into action and sends a signal to your wireless carrier provider to verify the identity of the phone.

Sometimes, a smartphone is bounded to use a specific carrier provider’s connection by locking the UICC.

This means you cannot use any other SIM card on your phone until you unlock your UICC.

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Difference between UICC and SIM?

As we know by now the UICC stands for Universal Integrated service card and the SIM stands for Subscribers Identification Modules. But, other than the name and the abbreviation, What are the differences between UICC and SIM?

There are no fundamental differences between UICC and SIM. Whereas SIM is limited to mobile devices only including Smartphones and Tablets but UICC can be installed successfully on all modern electronic devices, including laptops and desktops.

UICC it’s a new generation high-tech SIM that can be used in several other devices for wireless connectivity including 4G or 3G networks to provide efficient internet access.

In short, SIM is used to access the network and restart a device on the network to get connectivity with Smartphones and Tablets.

While UICC is not limited to smartphones and can be used on two other various electronic devices that include network access services.

So, UICC is a modern generation sim card with more efficiency and effective network distribution and high-speed connectivity.

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What is UICC Unlock?

UICC Unlock also known as sim unlocking is a procedure to unlock the device SIM-card-use restriction to use the device with any other sim card without being worried about the UICC lock.

Android smartphone like Samsung Sprint falls in the category where you are restricted to using Sprint network only.

Unlocking UICC Allows you to use any other sim card other than Sprint.

There are two types of SIM unlocking (UICC unlock and MSL unlock)

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SIM unlock vs MSL unlock

SIM or UICC unlock happens with the devices that were manufactured after 2015 and it is pretty easy to access them once you learn how to unlock them.

SIM unlock vs MSL unlock

These types of SIM cards are made in such a way that they can be unlocked for further usage on other carrier networks, considering it is SIM unlock-capable.

While MSL Unlock is a process to remove the master subsidy lock or MSL, the most part happens to the gadgets that were before 2015 and were working with incapacitating programming and a locking code.

This gadget is “bolted” and is otherwise called MSL, that is, ace appropriation lock. It very well may be open to the MSL code for qualified clients relying on the organization’s terms and conditions.

What is UICC Unlock on your Sprint Device?

Carrier providers like Sprint is well known for locking UICC on Samsung Smartphone. This prevents the users from using any other SIM cards on the device.

That means, the smartphone is restricted to only one carrier service through programming and cannot run any other wireless service.

Also, the if Samsung phone was manufactured before Feb 2015 chances are it has MSL locking enabled. If your smartphone falls in this category then thankfully it is possible to unlock the UICC lock on Samsung Sprit.

Unlocking UICC on Sprint Samsung Phone

If you are using a Samsung device with a Sprint connection that is UICC locked the first process to unlock the UICC by flashing the phone. You can use Odin to flash the phone by reading this tutorial.

But, if you find it difficult to use Odin or it does not work, chances are there are conflicts with CSC configuration(Consumer/Carrier Software Customization). Here is another method you can use to unlock the UICC on Samsung Sprint.

This method includes a 3rd party service to unlock the phone. CSC e is one of the most essential components of Samsung smartphone firmware that is accountable for custom settings, configuration, localization and other specific settings like system languages and APN.

A third-party service like UnlockBoot is used to change the CSC configuration of the device here are the steps below;

  1. Goto Sprint Samsung unlock official website and place an order for the device you need to unlock.
  2. Now download the USB redirector app on your PC. For now, it is available for Windows PC only.
  3. Obtain the remote address using UnlockBoot and connect the device.
  4. Once connected, the officials at the remote UnlockBoot will assist you further to UICC unlocking process.

Fix UICC Unlock error 407 on android phone.

UICC unlocks Error 407, 6600, and 6011 are likely to result in a malfunctioning notification after a few minutes, which can be disturbing or frustrating. There are several methods to fix such errors which are as follows;

Clear Cache:

A cache stores the temporary data from different apps and functions on the device. A corrupt cache data can also interfere with the system and hence causing the UICC unlock error 407 or others. In such wiping the cache data can fix the UICC unlock error.

Force Stop OMADM:

The OMA DM client communicates with the server over HTTPS and uses DM Sync (OMA DM v1.2) as the message payload.

Force-stopping OMADM can also fix the UICC Unlock error 407 in some cases. All you need to simply go to setting, select apps, and reach OMA-DM (Open Mobile Alliance Device Managemen) using three dots that show up on apps. Lastly, select force stop.

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Final Words:

UICC unlocking is a process to remove the SIM lock using restriction from a device especially if you have purchased your smartphone with specific carrier providers like sprint and boost. Once the US is lock is removed from your smartphone you will be able to use any other sim card of your choice. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.



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