SysScope: What is it on Android? Usages and Troubelshoots

SysScope or system scoper is a pre-installed system app on Samsung android device accountable to monitor the authentication status of the device for Andriod OS.

What is SysScope? What is it used for? What permission does SysScope have on Samsung device? Can you remove SysScope? Let’s find the answers.

What is SysScope?
What is SysScope?

What is SysScope?

SysScope or system scoper is a pre-installed “Root Detection Application” on Samsung android devices that is accountable to scan and verify the OS authentication status of the device.

The app is in factory installed on all Samsung android devices with the package name developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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What is SysScope used for?

The SysScope on Android phones is used to verify the OS status of the device by performing a quick check and verifying if the Android OS running on the device is authenticated and authorized.

It also checks for the root status of the device and makes a detailed report about it for the developer to access.

The SysScope keeps running in the background on the device and keeps returning the test after certain intervals without letting the user know.

SysScope App is used for communicating with the Samsung database that eventually receives feedbacks from the severs and optimizes the device performance. All other apps installed in your Samsung device works properly by receiving signals from the smart manager.

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What permission do SysScope do have?

The app does access some of your systems info, but from our perspective, as you can see below it is not dangerous.


Does this App let me change status?

No, this app does not modify any stock functionality it just gives you the ability to see what status you are passing. You will see what your Carrier/whoever else knows about the SysScope status of your device.

Is SysScope a spyware?

No, SysScope is not spyware and is completely safe for your device. The app is developed by Samsung itself and the sole purpose of the app is to monitor the root status of the device OS.

How to Solve “Unfortunately SysScope Has Stopped”?

All the system apps including the SysScope on Samsung smartphones tend to show the “Unfortunately app Has Stopped” error. Usually, these system apps keep running in the background and remain unnoticed by the user. But, if you are encountering a frequent “Unfortunately SysScope Has Stopped” pop-up error. Then you may solve it by clearing the cache of the app.

Follow the steps below to clear the cache of SysScope app

  1. Open settings on Android phone or tablet.
  2. Go to apps.
  3. Navigate the eclipse menu(three verticle dots) at top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Show System App.
  5. Find and open SysScope.
  6. Tap on clear cache and clear storage.

Restart the device and see if the problem is solved. Also, make sure to update the apps to the latest version to avoid other errors on the device.

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Can I Uninstall SysScope?

No, it is not possible to uninstall it as SysScope is an essential app for your android device and removing it may cause some system anomaly. However, you can install it with a root access or on a rooted device.

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What permission do SysScope app have?

SysScope app usually needs to run in the background in order to monitor the system status. In addition, the app might have phone access permission.

What does systems mean on my phone?

The Android system usually means everything that includes everything under the Android open-source ecosystem. The core services, system apps, Android OS, and others.

What is KLMS Agent?

KLMS agent or KNOX is a security system introduced to Samsung Android phones is an advanced security layer to protect the user’s privacy and data. If you are confused about KLMS agent or KNOX security system.

Final Words:

SysScope or system scoper is a preinstalled root detection app on Samsung devices accountable to monitor, scan and verify the OS authentication and root status of the device. The app keeps running in the background like other system apps on the device and there is no evidence of the app of being a spyware. Make sure to visit about section to learn more about system apps and operation on you android device.