What is SCPM CLIENT On Android? Everything You Need to Know.

You might have noticed the app package called ‘SCPM CLIENT’ installed on your Android device. What is SCPM client on Android? Is it safe? How to uninstall SCPM client on Android? Find out a detailed guide.

What is scpm client

What is SCPM client?

SCPM client or Smart Certified Project Manager is a kernel app package on Android. enforcing the device power administration policies. The client operates along with a Smart Manager on your Android to optimize the power usages of the device.

This is a built-in app broadly installed in Samsung Android phones to keep the power-saving database updated to optimize the frequently used app for better performance.

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How to Uninstall SCPM client?

No, it is not possible to uninstall SCPM client from Android. As most of the bloatware installed on Android has some purpose that helps the device to run smoothly and perform well.

Uninstalling SCPM client may cause an anomaly in the performance and optimization of the app as the basic purpose of installing it on your device is to monitor and optimize the apps.

However, there is other bloatware that are safe to remove and can be uninstalled without interfering with the normal operation of your Android o save the resource and boost performance.

Is SCPM client safe?

SCPM client is completely safe and there is no evidence of it being a virus or malware. It is a pre-installed app in Samsung Android phones to monitor and optimizes the apps on your mobile.

Many users have seen errors about SCPM Client stopping. This may be related to other app errors instead of the SCPM Client itself. You must confirm if you recently installed an app and disable it.

It is recommended to clear the SCPM Client cache and data, but if it persists, you can do a factory reset as a last option.

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SCPM Client APK Download

If you are facing some problem with SCPM Client and a frequent pop-up “unfortunately., SCPM Client has stopped” annoys you, you can simply download the SCPM Client APK from app stores like apkpure and others to replace the original one.


SCPM Client is a pre-installed app on your Samsung Android to monitor the performance and optimize the app on your Android. It is bloatware that ensures device performance by optimizing the apps installed on Android.

People ofter consider it as daemon app and malware which is not true. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android



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