Samsung Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung pass is a built-in security feature on the Samsung Galaxy series Android phone. Know all about Samsung pass, how to use Samsung pass and troubleshoot the errors associated with Samsung pass.

samsung pass
Samsung pass

Samsung Pass- Overview

Samsung pass as the name suggests itself, the feature is used to authenticate your identity on different gateways including payment, social media account, email accounts and others.

In the modern era when ID and passwords are required everywhere and it is hard to remember every login. So, if you are tired of resetting the passwords to your accounts, here comes the Samsung pass for rescue.

It’s not a password manager but a smart way to log in to different accounts using your biometric identity. Since the feature is limited to Samsung products it is called Samsung Pass.


What is Samsung Pass?

All the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones equipped with biometric authentication feature(Fingerprint sensor or face detection) has a built-in secure login feature called Samsung Pass. The app is installed as the package name

Samsung Pass is used to authenticate your login to different accounts including the payment gateway(Samsung Pay) or websites using your favorite biometric identities instead of the traditional ID and password method.

With Samsung Pass no need to input an ID & Password to log in to websites anymore. It provides an enhanced user experience by integrating advanced biometrics.

How to use Samsung Pass?

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone with any kind of biometric sensor, then you can find the Samsung pass under Settings>Biometrics and Security section.

Learn here to set up Samsung pass and use it to authenticate your login using biometric. The next section of the article will discuss;

  1. Setup Samsung Pass
  2. Use Samsung Pass
  3. Turn Off Samsung Pass
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Samsung Pass

In order to set up and use Samsung pass, you are required to sign in to your Samsung account. Once signed in follow the steps below to setup Samsung pass;

  1. Open settings on Samsung device.
  2. Here tap on Biometrics and security.
  3. Now open Samsung Pass.
  4. Tap Agree and Sign in using Samsung account and tap OK.
  5. Tap Fingerprints or Irises, and then tap Continue.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts, and then tap Done.

Now you are done with the Samsung pass setup and ready to use it to authenticate your login using biometric sensors on your Galaxy phone.

Note: In case of errors or “temporarily not available” message you might want to reset your network or use mobile data instead of wifi for the internet.

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How to Use Samsung Pass?

Once you are done with the setup, it’s time to use the Samsung pass to save your login credential and use your biometric to login into different services and accounts.

Authentication Website Login

Open the Samsung Internet browser and log in to any website using your ID and password.

Once logged in, you will get a pop-up asking to save sign-in information to the Samsung pass database.

Tap on “Remember”. This will store the login details for that website.

Samsung Pass authentication

Now, next time you can just use your finger sensor, or retina to log in to that website without ID and password.

Note: Currently, Samsung Pass only works with Samsung Internet and other supported apps.

How to Turn Off Samsung Pass

You can always turn off Samsung pass if you find Samsung pass hard to use or remove all stored login credentials on the app. Turning off the Samsung pay will delete all the data and disable it on your Galaxy. To turn off Samsung Pass;

  1. Open settings on Samsung device.
  2. Here tap on Biometrics and security.
  3. Now open Samsung Pass.
  4. Open more options(using three vertical dots) and tap settings.
  5. Tap See all devices using Samsung Pass and select remove the entries one by one.
  6. Now, tap Remove on the pop-up ‘Samsung Pass data will be removed from your device, and Samsung Pass will be reset’.
  7. Tap OK.

turn off Samsung Pass

What is Autofill With Samsung Pass?

Autofill with Samsung Pass saves your login information and securely logs you into accounts and certain apps through biometric authentication. It is powered by the Samsung Knox defense-grade security platform.

The Samsung pass autofill helps you to save the passwords and login credentials for the banking information, and credit/debit card details. Later, this autofill feature helps you to enter the details in the app when required. 

The package name for Samsung pass autofill is This auto-fill secure your saved data using privacy measure like iris, fingerprint, or face recognition. 

Samsung Pass-FAQ

Do I need a Samsung account to use Samsung Pass?

Yes, a Samsung account is required to use Samsung pass. You can always create a free Samsung account before setting up Samsung Pass.

How do I access Samsung Pass?

Samsung Pass is located under Settings>Biometrics and security>Samsung Pass on Samsung Galaxy device.

Can I use Samsung Pass on multiple devices?

Yes, for now, the Samsung Pass is limited to five devices only. You can use the same samsung account to authorize the app and sync login credentials across devices.

Is Samsung Pass secure?

Samsung Pass uses an advanced encryption method to secure your biometric information. The biometric data is store on the device itself makes it most secure. For logins, a public key of your registered biometrics is used for website authentication.

Do I need to register my fingerprints to use Samsung Pass?

Yes, in order to use Smsung Pass, altest one figerprint authecation is required.

Can I delete a saved website and ID/password?

You can always delete the saved ID and password in Samsung pass. Navigate to Samsung pass Settings>Web sign-in information>more>Sign in with Samsung Pass and deled the website/websites from the list

Can I delete my Samsung Pass data?

All the biometric data and web sign-in information store with Samsung pass will be delted automaticaooy once you delted the data on Samsung pass.

Final Words:

Samsung pass is a smart way to store your login credentials to log in to different websites using your biometric authentication data. All the latest Galaxy phones have the Samsung pass as a pre-installed app. Samsung pass is however secure, but the biggest drawback of the feature is that it’s limited to Samsung’s default browser. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.


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