What is RILNotifier ? How to Fix Data Connection Error on Android

RILNotifier or Radio Interface Layer Notifier on Android is a system service accountable to keep an eye on Active wireless connection on your smartphone and notify other apps about the network type the device is connected to.

What is RILNotifier on Android? What is it used for? What permission do you RILNotifier have on your Android smartphone and devices? Is it safe? And how to troubleshoot the data connection error caused by RILNotifier? Let’s find the answers.

What is RILNotifier
What is RILNotifier?

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RILNotifier- Introduction

RILNotifier Is it pre-installed system apps on all Android devices used to notify other apps about the connected wireless network type.

The app tends to keep running in the background and detect any changes in network connection in terms of internet connectivity.

For example, Android phone is using LTE network and suddenly it’s used to Wi-Fi network, the RILNotifier then comes in the action and notifies each app installed on the device about the change in internet connectivity.

  • App Name: RIL Notifier
  • Pacakge Name: com.sec.app.rilerrornotifier
  • By:Samsung Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

In order to understand about RILNotifier you must know the RIL.

What is RIL in RILNotifier?

RIL stands for Radio Interface Layer. It works as a layer between Android telephony services and radio hardware(ANT Radio). The RIL itself relies on other components RIL Deamon and Vendor RIL in the Android architect.

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What is RILNotifier Used for?

The basic use of RILNotifer on Android is to keep tracking the active internet connection type the device is connected to. The service app keeps running in the background and notifies all the apps on the device the about connection type should be used to access the internet.

Any change in active internet connection on the device is noticed by and later the information is sent to the apps to use that active connection for internet access.

In a nutshell, the RILNotifer helps the app to switch between Wi-Fi network or LTE network for internet access when available.

What permissions do RILNotifer have?

RILNotifer keeps running in the background and plays a significant role to save your mobile data by switching to Wi-Fi network once connected. However, it does not have any specific permissions like media, contacts, or call logs. It relies on only phone permission.

But in some other cases, the RILNotifer might have access permission to the storage.

Is RILNotifier Safe?

Android phones have several pre-installed system apps that play a significant role in the stability and normal functionality of the device. Some of these system apps like RoseEukor, and MCM client are well known as bloatware.

Any pre-installed system apps including RILNotifier on android device are completely safe and does not contain any spyware or Malware.

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Can I Uninstall RILNotifier?

RILNotifier and other system apps cannot be uninstalled like any other standard apps on your Android. These apps play a significant role to run specific services on the device.

Uninstalling or removing them might cause an error for the service running on the device.

The only method to remove or uninstall RILNotifier from Android is to have root access. But routing is quite risky and also it may void your device warranty.

If you are already using a rooted device you can use System app remover to uninstall RILNotifier.

Note: RILNotifier is a system app and should not be uninstalled even if you are getting “Unable to Establish a Wireless Data Connection”.

RILNotifier High Battery Consumption

Users have reported the RILNotifier for consuming battery on the phone. However, the is no significant evidence or proof of RILNotifier eating the battery faster.

RILNotifier and other system apps in the android device tend to keep running in the background and this may use the battery power. If you have any doubt regarding the RILNotifier and battery consumption. You can always try to force stop it.

How to Stop RILNotifier?

RILNotifier is a system app and it is not possible to disable or uninstall it normally. But, if you find the RILNotifier causing any error like battery consumption and others, you can stop the app from running in the background by killing the process.

Follow the steps below to force stop the app.

  1. Open Settings on Android.
  2. Open Apps.
  3. Open the Eclipse menu(Three verticle dots at top right corner) and select “Show system apps”.
  4. Open RILNotifier.
  5. Tap on Force Stop.

This will immediately stop RILNotifier and all related packages from running until the device is restarted.


Is RILNotifier Used for Hacking?

No, RILNotifier is a system app on Samsung Android phones and there is no evidence of the app being used for hacking or Spyware attacks.

How to uninstall or disable RILnotifier?

It is not possible to uninstall RILNotifier from Android. However, you can root your device and use ADB or app remover to uninstall it.

Does RILnotifier cause Wifi Connection error?

RILnotifier is used to notify the apps on the device for active internet connection change. It has nothing to do with wifi connection error on the device. You can follow the steps here to fix Wifi connection error.

Final Words:

RILNotifier or Radio Interface Layer Notifier on Android is a system service accountable to keep an eye on Active wireless connection on your smartphone and notify other apps about the network type the device is connected to. This system app is pre-installed on Samsung phone(Package Name:com.sec.app.rilerrornotifier). The app is completely safe and doesn’t contain any malware or spyware.