IPSGeoFence App On Android: What is it Used For?

IPSGeoFence App is a pre-installed app on Android phones. This service app is broadly used on Samsung Android phones to track the location of mobile for ad serving on the device. The geofencing is accountable to track your location and serve you ads related to your location.

Learn more about IPSGeoFence App. What is it? What is it used for? How to remove IPSGeoFence App from your Samsung? What permission does this app have on your Android? Is IPSGeoFence App safe? Let’s find the answers.

What is IPSGeofence App on Android
What is IPSGeofence App on Android?

Samsung phones are full of Blotware an additional application that is optional and can help users to achieve additional features on their Samsung device.

Some people find it useful while others find it useless. We have a list of Samsung bloatware you can see and consider removing it or not.

We are here to discuss here another bloatware on the Samsung Android phone Ipsgeofence App. Let’s begin with a short intro to What is Ipsgeofence App on Samsung Android phones.

What is Ipsgeofence App on Android?

Ipsgeofence App is the pre-installed app on Samsung Android phones as the package name com.samsung.android.ipsgeofence. All Samsung phones have this app factory installed that is used to track the location of the device.

This application allows you to monitor where you are, and it does this through a number of means.

  • Name: Ipsgeofence
  • Package Name: com.samsung.android.ipsgeofence
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ipsgeofence App is a pre-installed service on Android phone that allows the system to track the device to serve location-based adverisement on the device on browser and social media platforms.

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What is Ipsgeofence App Used For?

The purpose of this application is to help you track your location. In some instances, the app may also provide you with ads that are relevant to your current location.

This App occurs without a GPS positioning system, which relies on information from a 3G or 4G cellular network. Of course, it can be applied to any setting, including a home, business, or national border.

This App has several features, such as:

  • It displays the employees’ locations.
  • In the event of an incorrect area, it can also send alerts.
  • To keep track of the working hours, it can also keep a record of the call history.

These are the main functions of the Android App IPS Geofence.

What is the Purpose of Geofencing?

To understand the purpose of Geofencing, you need to understand the terms “IPS” and “Fencing”.

To simplify, let’s discuss two terms: IPS (Indoor Positioning System) and geofence.

IPS is an application that utilizes various networks and devices to determine the location of objects or individuals in areas where satellite-based technologies may not be effective, like underground spaces, parking lots, and buildings.

IPS can provide precise location tracking with an accuracy of up to 2 cm in diameter.

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IpsGeofence system permissions

The IpsGeofence App on Android might have several permissions on your Android that include;

  • Location Permission
  • Change Wifi Status
  •  Carrier Permission

In order to work more precisely the app might also have permission to read your contacts and access the internet cookies saved on your device.

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Who uses geofencing?

Geofencing is employed by a wide range of users, including individuals, businesses, and organizations, for various purposes.

For instance, businesses may utilize geofencing to send targeted advertisements or special offers to customers who are located within a specific geographic area.

Parents may use geofencing to monitor their children’s whereabouts and receive notifications when they enter or exit designated zones.

Delivery services may use geofencing to track and optimize routes for their drivers, while law enforcement and security agencies may use it for surveillance or monitoring activities.

Geofencing is a versatile technology that can be adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of different users.

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How geofence uses IPS?

Just like an IP address is not the exact physical location of a computer or phone, but rather a code used by a network to determine its physical location, geofence also utilizes IP addresses to track the physical location of a computer or phone.

Geofence is a user-friendly tracking application that makes use of IP addresses. An IP address is a unique number that identifies devices connected to a network, such as the Internet.

Geofences are virtual boundaries created around specific places or objects.

An IPS geofence can be established using GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio waves, depending on what is available.

IP addresses can be used to identify individuals and their general physical location, by using the IP addresses of their Android phones.

Geofence uses IP addresses to track individuals in physical locations.

What are the advantages of having an IPS geofence?

Geofencing offers many benefits beyond just security. It can help you keep track of your employees, clients, and more, making it a useful tool for businesses.

By monitoring who enters and exits a location, geofencing can help improve business operations.

If you’re looking to protect your property or people, then geofencing is definitely worth considering.

Is IPS GeoFence a Virus?

No, IPS GeoFence app on your Android is not a virus and there is not any report of it containing malware, spyware, Keylogger or any other malicious code.

However, the IPS GeoFence app might track your location using the GPS on the phone which might be a concern for some of the users.

Is Geofencing Safe?

Geofencing is a technology that uses GPS data to set a virtual perimeter around a specific location. While technology is simple, it is not free from its problems.

Using geofencing for businesses can put users’ privacy at risk. The problem with geofencing is that users may not even realize that they are geofenced.

Can Geofencing be hacked?

Geofencing can be hacked using a GPS spoofing app, which is a common way to do it.

This app can change your GPS location to any place in the world, so you can trick the geofence into thinking you are within the allowed area when you are actually not physically present there.

How do I disable IpsGeofence App?

You can disable IpsGeofence App easily by following the steps below;

  1. Open settings on Android
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu(three vertical dots at the top right corner) and select Show System Apps
  4. Find and open IpsGeoFence or com.samsung.android.ipsgeofence.
  5. Tap on Disable to disable it

How do I uninstall the IpsGeofence application completely?

  1. Open settings on Android
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu(three vertical dots at the top right corner) and select Show System Apps
  4. Find and open IpsGeoFence or com.samsung.android.ipsgeofence.
  5. Tap on Uninstall to uninstall it completely.

Is geofencing an invasion of privacy?

Geofencing is often viewed as an intrusion of privacy because it involves tracking and recording a person’s location, which can be used for targeted ads and content, potentially invading their personal space.

Additionally, geofencing can establish virtual barriers that restrict a person’s movements, resembling a form of surveillance.

To safeguard your privacy, there are several steps you can take. Firstly, consider disabling location services on your devices to prevent apps from tracking your whereabouts.

Secondly, deleting unused apps can prevent them from collecting your data.

Lastly, opting out of targeted advertising can stop companies from using your information for personalized ads.

How to uninstall the ipsgeofence App?

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Click Application manager.
  • Click Show System Apps.
  • Click the ips geofence App.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Confirm It.

We advise against uninstalling the appliance, as it might be a useful app.

IpsGeofence-Final Words:

IPSGeoFence App is a pre-installed app on Samsung Android phones that is used for location tracking and serving location-based advertisements. It uses an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and may have permission to access the device’s location, contacts, and internet cookies.

Geofencing is a versatile technology used by various users for different purposes. While IPSGeoFence App is not a virus, users should be cautious about their privacy and consider their preferences and settings.