Google Backup Transport | Everything You Need to Know

Google Backup Transport on Android is responsible for monitoring the backup process and services for all Google products that rely on Google Drive backup. This article explains all about Google backup transport. What is it? What apps are supported by Google backup transport? We shall also investigate the effects of disabling the GBT on Android mobile phones.

what is Google Backup Transport
what is Google Backup Transport

What Google Backup Transport?

There are several apps on android phones that require a backup system. A data backup feature that allows users to upload or backup the data on cloud storage like Gdrive or Keepsafe cloud.

Google backup transport is a data backup system for all Google products like Gmail, GDrive, Google Now, Google Assistant, etc. (anything that relies on Google’s cloud). 

The system is used by the Android system to backup or restore the data from all the above-mentioned Google products to Google drive.

Google Backup Transport Association

Google Backup Transport is associated with all Google products on Android. All the Google apps on Android that require or use a GDrive backup are assisted with Google Backup Transport. Here is the list of Android apps that have GBA integration.

  • Google contact manager
  • Google contacts sync
  • Google services framework
  • Google play services
  • Google Now
  • Gmail
  • Google Assistant, etc.

Common Issues report:

Android users on several forums have posted different issues caused by Google Backup Transport. The common issues reported are as follows;

  • Battery Draining.
  • Google Backup Transport has stopped.
  • Google Backup Transport using high mobile data.

Do I need Google Backup Transport?

No, You don’t need Google Backup Transport unless using any Google product to backup or restore your data to Google cloud storage.

Google Backup Transport is not an essential app or app package on Android phones and can be easily disabled without rooting the device.

How to Disable Google Backup Transport?

It’s the Android Backup Service and users can disable data backup functionality through the Android system’s privacy settings. Follow the steps below to disable Google Backup Transport;

  1. Open Settings on Android device
  2. Go to Backup and Reset
  3. Here tap on Accounts
  4. Delete the account/accounts or disable sync to disable Google Backup Transport for the account.

It is suggested to disable the sync options for all accounts if not required. As the Google backup transport keeps running in the background and it may end up eating resources like mobile data or battery power.


Google Backup Transport is an app service on android deice responsible for backup and restore services. The GBT is associated with Google cloud backup where users can backup or restore the data from Android to GDrive. You can always disable the Google Backup Transport if you feel like it is eating the resource on your phone including mobile data or battery power. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.



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