What is Demo Mode on Android? How to Enable and Use it?

Demo Mode or demonstrative mode is a feature found on android phones that demonstrates the features that the device has. Demo mode is also known as floor mode or kiosk mode. Know more about demo mode on android, What is it? How it is useful for your device and how to enable or disable demo mode on android.

demo mode android explained
Android Demo Mode

Demo Mode or demonstrative mode is a feature found on android phones that demonstrates the features that the device has. It can be easily accessed by pressing a few combinations of keys or by launching a program.

What is Demo Mode On Android?

Demo mode on android allows the users to see the features on the device without navigation to different settings before purchasing the device. This also helps people to learn about the feature of the device without no knowledge of it.

The demo mode was introduced to android phones running on Android 7.1.1 and later to enhance the user’s purchasing experience. The demo mode on android is also referred as Retail demo mode.

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How Does Demo Mode Work?

A demo mode is just a video showcase of features on the device. This video demo mode demonstrates some or all important features of the device.

The android has a video showcase of demo mode, that contains the features explained in the interactive video content. The demo mode can often be triggered or activated with a combination of keys on the device.

Also, some devices might have a certain voice command to activate the Demo mode.

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What is system UI demo mode?

system UI demo mode and the demo mode are the same with the abbreviation names. As the demo mode is likely to be focused on displaying the features of system UI hence they call it system UI demo mode.

Both are the same. In some devices it is available as System UI Demo mode, In some devices, it is only available as demo Mode. yet in some smartphones. system UI demo mode is available under Demo Mode.

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What is Retail Demo Mode?

It is a completely interactive-based Demo Mode. It is meant to use for checking and trying out device features. In the retail demo mode, you will be allowed to try out all the features without damaging or messing with settings.

The retail demo DemoPlayer app located at /packages/apps/RetailDemo is the default custom launcher in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

By default, when retail mode is enabled, device policy is set to over-the-air (OTA) update automatically. Retail devices will download, reboot, and install the update (respecting battery thresholds) without user interaction.

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Is demo Mode Harmful?

No, Demo mode is not harmful to the device. The only purpose of the demo mode is to demonstrate the features of the device. And disabling or enabling the demo mode will not harm your device.

Enable-Disable Demo Mode Android?

On some Android devices, you can simply use the pre-set key combinations to access the demo mode. While on other devices you might need to enable developer mode to access the option.

Depending on the model and manufacturer of the device the demo mode can be enabled or disabled by using the key combination, voice command or navigation into settings.

To Access Mode

  1. Go to settings on Android.
  2. Go to About section at the end of the options.
  3. Tap on Software Information.
  4. Look for the Build number and tap on 7 to 8 times to enable developer mode.
  5. Now go to the developer settings.
  6. The system UI demo mode menu will appear.
  7. Enable-Disable the demo mode by toggling the option to ON/OFF.

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Should I turn ON Demo Mode?

Demo mode is useful to see the features of the device in interactive video format. But, if you are already using the device, then it serves no use. So, there us no use in turning on the demo mode on your android if you are already using the device and know all the features of the device.

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Can you Disable Demo Mode?

Demo mode can be disabled at any point in time as soon as you realize that you don’t need it. You can either use the developer options to turn it off or follow the instruction on the device to disable it.

You can also use combination or ADB to disable demo Mode. But few types of demo Mode require professionals.

How do I get Rid of Retail mode?

You need to access the device’s bootloader and then you need to factory reset the device. Unlike other demo modes, retail demo mode is harder to disable.

Final Words:

Demo mode on android is a feature on android phones, a pre-recorded video that demonstrated the features available on the device. This is also known as floor mode or kiosk mode. You can easily activate or deactivate the demo mode on the device using a certain key combination or enable the demo mode under developer options on the device. The settings might be different from one manufacturer to other but it serves the same purpose of demonstrating the feature on the device.