What is com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw on Android?

com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw on Android: Explained

Samsung phones are well known for installing bloatware and system apps on the device. Some of them are useful while others are just adware. com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw is one of those system apps on Samsung android phones that is a component of Samsung pass. Kmow more about AuthFw TaPack. What is it? What is it used for? Is com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw necessary and safe for the device? Let’s dig out the answers.

What is com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is a service component of Samsung pass that is an authentication system for Samsung mobile phones where users are allowed to save the biometric data to log in automatically to different apps and websites including Samsung pay and others.

What is com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw
What is com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is the package name for the native app AuthFw TaPack on Samsung android phones. The app is a service component of Samsung pass used to save biometric login and on other websites or applications.

  • Package: com.samung.android.tapack.authfw
  • Name: AuthFw TaPack
  • Target SDK version: 29
  • Class name: null
  • Source: dir-/system/priv-app/TaPackAuthFw/TaPackAuthFw.apk
  • Data: dir-/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

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What is com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw used for?

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is used to save and authorise the biometric login details on Samsung pass app. These saved biometric data are used again when the user tries to log in to the same app or website again via the biometric authentication method.

In a nutshell, com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw help the Samsung Pass app on your Samsung android device to save the biometric data to use it further to authenticate the biometric login.

What Permission com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw uses?

In order to use the biometric data the com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw needs to have plenty of permissions on the device that are;

  • Phone
  • Location
  • Draw over screen
  • Run in background
  • Internet connectivity
  • etc.

Besides these permission, you can also check all the permission com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw on the device by simply navigating to Apps>system app>com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw>permission.

This might an eyebrow-raising situation for Samsung users regarding safety and privacy issue.

Is Com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw Safe?

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw might use lots of permissions on the device. Still, com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is completely safe and doesn’t contain any malicious code or Spyware, Virus or Keylogger in the package.

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Does com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw Drain Battery Life?

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw tends to keep running in the background and hence may use the battery resources.

There are no signs of high battery use by com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw on the device. Still, it depends on the uses of Samsung pass app on your device.

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Can I Uninstall com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw?

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is accounted with the default biometric Samsung Pass on the device. Uninstalling it might make the app useless and you might not be able to use your biometric pass to log in to websites and applications on the device.

Also, it is not possible to uninstall com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw using simple methods. Still, you can use ADB or system app remover tools to remove it.

How to uninstall com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw?

1. Using ADB

ADB allows you to bring up a Unix shell so you can issue commands directly on the Android device. You’ll need a Windows PC to use ADB.

  1. Go to Settings > System > About phone.
  2. Tap on the Build number 7 times to activate Developer Options.
  3. Go back to the main Settings menu and tap on Developer Options to open it.
  4. Enable USB debugging by tapping on it.
  5. Download ADB on your PC.
  6. Extract the ZIP file into a folder.
  7. After extracting the ZIP file, open that folder.
  8. Press and hold the shift button and right-click in a blank area.
  9. Click on “Open Powershell window here.
  10.  Enter the command
    adb devices.
  11. Connect your Android device to the PC using a USB data cable and set the USB mode as File Transfer.
  12. You will receive a USB debugging notification on your phone, tap on OK to allow debugging access.
  13. Re-enter the command
    adb devices.
  14. You should now see the Serial number of your device on the Powershell window.
  15. Run the command
    adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw
  16. Wait for a few seconds. You’ll notice the app has been uninstalled from your device.

2. Using System App Remover

This method requires you to root to your Android device. After gaining root access follow the steps below to uninstall this system app.

  1. Download and install the System App Remover application.
  2. Launch the application, search for AuthFw TaPack and select this app by tapping on the checkbox next to it.
  3. Tap the “Uninstall” button to completely remove the app from your device.

Follow the ADB guide here:
ADB Fastboot Download For Windows[Latest]

How To Solve The com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw Issue?

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw might show an error message while using the biometric authentication method while logging in.

Users have reported getting the “Unfortunately, com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw has stopped” error box every time they try biometric authentication.

Here are some steps you can use to fix the com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw issues;

  • Clear Samsung pass App cache
  • Update the Samsung pass App

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw and com.samsung.android.authfw

Both the packages refer to the same application. The com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is a part of com.Samsung.android.authfw application. Com.Samsung.android.authfw is the actual package name of the Samsung pass application.

Final Words:

com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is the package name for a native app AuthFw TaPack on Samsung Android phones. The app is an essential component of Samsung pass on the device that is used to store the biometric login credentials of the user to help them to log in to different websites and applications. The app is completely safe and doesn’t contain any malicious malware or codes. You can read more about other android apps by visiting the About section.



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