What is COM Qualcomm eMBMS? Usages and Troubleshoots

What is COM Qualcomm eMBMS on my Android? Is it Safe?

COM Qualcomm eMBMS came with your system Android pre-installed on it such as com.android.settings and helped work the semiconductor chip. Know more about COM Qualcomm eMBMS. What is it? What is it used for? Is it safe? And finally how to troubleshoot common errors caused by COM Qualcomm eMBMS on your Android.

What is com.qualcomm.embms

What Is COM Qualcomm eMBMS?

COM Qualcomm eMBMS is a built-in network that controls the network management on the device. It’s a pre-installed service that comes with Android devices that is accountable for the network semiconductor chip to operate.

The technology was introduced in 2014 and was later undertaken by AT&T. Later, the tech was introduced to devices with the latest infrastructure to the microchips for Android phones to handle carrier networks.

The company is gradually building the support for the new infrastructure while testing the support for such a technology.

The focus was to watch the user experience and notice if it caused any crashing or bugs within its modules.

It’s evident that the 5G network will make lives easier and faster.


Qualcomm is an American multinational corporation that designs semiconductor chips for smartphones.

Semiconductor Chips

Semiconductor Chips are electric circuits that are comprised of many components including transistors and wires. It is an example of a complex electric circuit with nano-technology.

All modern device contains many semiconductor chips called integrated circuit. Your Android phone also consists number of  IC(integrated circuits) and chips that work together to perform certain actions like processing, storing or handling operations and data.

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What Is eMBMS Service?

eMBMS(Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) technology allows multicast delivery of live streaming video alongside data.

There are several different applications, like real-time game processing of the sport on a server.

com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting :Hidden cellular network settings

What is com qualcomm embms exactly?

The com.qualcomm.embms is an in-built application that handles the network, and chip interaction is additionally responsible for your network management.


You can easily locate the name com.qualcomm.embms by navigating to Settings>Apps>Show System Apps.

The service keeps running in the background that help the device and network chip to interact together to perform wireless network-related tasks.

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Is com qualcomm embms safe?

The sole purpose of the app is to provide the pathway to the network chip installed on the device to handle network management on the device.

Yes, com qualcomm embms is completely safe and doesn’t contains any spyware or keylogger.

Troubleshoot “com qualcomm embms has stopped”

If here you find an error which that states, “Unfortunately, com.qualcomm.embms has stopped.” Then, it may be possible the vulnerability currently affects a vast variety of Android users, almost millions of users face it.

This mainly happens when an application is installed on the device and gives access to hackers.

If you think your device is affected by com.qualcomm.embms, then it is sad to inform you, that it is very little you can do. You can protect your device but not completely.

Also, all the latest Android phones running on later versions of Gingerbird Android are completely safe from the com.qualcomm.embms? bug.


Final Words:

COM Qualcomm eMBMS is a service app installed on Android phones that handle the controls and manages networks on the device. The eMBMS(Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services) technology allows multicast delivery of live-streaming video alongside data.

The tech was introduced to devices with the latest infrastructure to microchips for Android phones to handle carrier networks.


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