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com.android.smspush is another system app package on Android accountable to send SMS associated with device control on Android. A system app that is pre-installed on your android and keeps running in the background. 

Learn more about com.android.smspush. What are the usages of it? Can you uninstall or remove it and also what access permissions do com.android.smspush has on Android?

What is com.android.smspush



com.android.smspush is a factory-installed system app package on Andriod phone that helps the device to send the push SMS that handles and controls the device.

The basic role of com.android.smspush is to inform the device of a start of a session. Some apps on Android need a device IP activation before you start using it. In such, the com.android.smspush comes into the action and sends an SMS push to help the app to identify the device ID.

com.android.smspush Package

  • Name: com.android.smspush
  • Size: 0.1 MB
  • Version: 10(API29)
  • By:  Xiaomi Inc

However, like other system packages, it is not an essential app and can be easily removed without affecting the normal functions of your Xiaomi Android phone.

Is com.android.smspush safe?

The basic function of the package is to send the SMS push to initiate the IP session for device identity verification for the start of a session. It has minimum access permission.

com.android.smspush is completely safe and doesn’t contain any harmful malware, spyware or keylogger.

How to Fix com.android.smspush stopped working

Some of the Android packages tend to show the error when a user tries to access a service or feature on their Android phone. You might also encounter the “Unfortunately, com.android.smspush has stopped” error on your device. Here i show you can fix the error.

  1. Open Settings on Android phone to tablet.
  2. Go to Apps or App Manager.
  3. Here open the hamburger menu(three horizontal dots at the top right corner) and select show system apps.
  4. Open Pcom.android.smspush.
  5. Now tap on Clear data and Clear Cache.
    Fix com.android.smspush stopped working
  6. Go back and restart the device to see if the error is resolved.

How to remove com.android.smspush?

It is almost impossible to uninstall any system apps from Android. However, there are several bloatware that can be uninstalled safely. But, the com.android.smspush can only be removed by rooting the phone.

Also, you should not bother about installing any factory-installed app from Android smartphones as they have their own significance. And so the com.android.smspush has.

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smspush apk Download

As we discussed above, Android apps tend to show error messages. However, clearing the cache and data can help you to resolve the error. But, if the problem persists, and your device shows the com.android.smspush has stopped error then you need to download the smspush apk and install it manually.

You can download the SMS push APK from any third-party app store and install it manually.


Final Words:

com.android.smspush or SMSPush is a pre-installed app on Andriod the help specific apps like banking apps, and trading apps to identify the device by sending the Push SMS via IP. The app is completely safe and doesn’t require any specific permission. Make sure to check our ABOUT section for other useful apps for Android.


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