| Everything You Need to Know is a package application required to run a specific function by android os on android smartphones. Today we shall explore all about app package on your Android phone. Is it safe? What is the primary function of this system application? Is it possible to disable safely?  Let’s dig out the answer. 

Before we jump straight to the answer, let’s discuss a bit about on Android OS.

What is package?

You can find several application packages stored in the system root folder on an Android device. All these “com” packages are part of system files associated to Android OS itself that helps your smartphone to perform some certain task using the package.

There are several com packages you can find being installed on your Android smartphone.

People often mistake it as bloatware and consider it harmful for your phone. But you will be surprised to know that none of these com system applications are either malware or spyware.

Almost all Android packages are named in a format like name. 

What is is another com system package installed on your Android device used to run the compatibility test.
What is

The term stands for Compatibility Test Suite and priv stand for private. The package often comes with an additional package( is used globally.

In a nutshell,, or CTS is a compatibility test tool for developers to check if the newly developed app is compatible with the older version for Android OS.

This CTC com package use very tiny space on the system partition of your phone that serves developers to run a test to ensure if an application is compatible with the hardware.

Not only on your smartphone but a similar software also resides on the developer’s computer called developer preview.

So, in short or is a compatibility test tool that helps developers to run the compatibility test between Android OS and their app.

Is Safe?

compatibility test tool(CTC) is developed by Google itself that ensures the safety and security of your phone. So, before you get panic let me ensure you, it’s not Malware or Trojan and neither bloatware. So, you can let it reside on your phone without even getting a fear of hacking attack on your Android. is a system application package on Android and completely safe. The sole purpose of the package is to serve the developers to run the app compatibility test for app and Android OS.

Fixing Problems Caused by usually reside on the system partitions on your Android devices unnoticed and doesn’t cause any interruption to the normal functionality of your device. But, if you face any problem or notice any popo-up “ has stopped” you can always follow these steps to fix the problem.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on apps.
  3. Open the menu by tapping on the three verticle dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Here tap on Settings.
  5. Find and tap on
  6. Go to its storage and tap on Clear data.

How to Delete

Trying to deleted any com app package is not recommended as they serve some specific function to Android OS. You should never try to delete the or package.

Secondly, it is not possible to delete from Android phones without root.

Final Words: other com packages is a system package on Andoird device. Like , it also server Android OS itself to perform some specific tasks. The basic functionality of is to serve the developers to check the compatibility of the App. It is developed by Google itself and it’s completely secure. You should never consider deleting any com package on an Android device including Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.