What Is Samsung App Stack? Details and Troubleshoots

What is App Stack on Samsung Galaxy Sprint?

AppStack is bloatware that is found mostly on Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy phones, for example, Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9. It displays advertisements for applications. Know more about App Stack. What is it? What is App Stack used for? How to disable App Stack notification? Is it safe to remove it? Let’s Explore the answers.

What is AppStack
What is AppStack?

What is App Stack?

AppStack is a technology where the companies are allowed are some bunch of apps to meet the basic business goals like communicating with their associates, employees, doing video conferences, and transacting. This also helps them to monitor the employees for their activity like location and others.

AppStack is bloatware on UICC locked devices like Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy phones, for example, Sprint variants of Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9.

Other Example of App Stack apps:

What is App Stack Used for?

Appstack refers to a group of apps that work together to achieve a common goal. This app group might have different functions as compared to others, but they work together to help one another to achieve a specific purpose.

In a nutshell, picture stick of applications programmed in a such way as to coordinate with each other for a particular workflow is known as App stack.

Features of App Stack

  • A user can put his or her favorite app in one app making it easy to move between apps seamlessly without straining
  • App Stack make smartphones more efficient and smarter
  • To register into the application, you need to install App Stack into the device and login
  • The launch screen will display all apps supported by App Stack
  • Users need to select from the listed apps and give the corresponding app’s details
  • To add all the needed apps to App Stack, this process has to be repeated
  • You don’t need to worry about your data getting lost since App Stack never logs out when you are done
  • The apps outside App Stack are useless once the needed apps are launched inside App Stack, therefore, the user can uninstall them
  • While inside the App Stack, each app will perform in their manner without interfering with other apps
  • In other words, App Stack is smarter than single apps outside it
    Office processes are like Word, Excel, and Presentation are performed easily since all apps run simultaneously
  • Different applications can be linked to other applications inside the Stack and you can also exchange information from one app to another
  • Another thing is that when you link applications they can work together to achieve a common purpose
  • Workflow is simplified when apps are inside App Stack
    Added apps can only be removed one at a time if needed. The last added app will be the first one out since apps are arranged in sequential order and Stack works on the Last In First Out principle.
  • A queue is formed as operations inside the Stack go on to prioritize functions. This allows efficiency while scheduling tasks.

Can you turn off notifications for App Stack?

Yes, you can turn off notifications for App Stack. If you would like to keep the app, but turn off the notifications you can easily do so.

Follow the steps to disable the AppStack notification;

  1. Side down the notification bar on the home screen.
  2. Tap and hold the AppStack notification.
  3. Now, select from the option silent or block from the options.

Selecting the silent option will keep the AppStack notification on but won’t play the sound for notification. Whereas the Block option will disable the AppStack notification completely.

Is App Stack safe?

UICC locked devices from Sprint tends to install the apps like App Stack, MDM client and others. These apps are usually safe and can be trusted. The app is developed and published by Sprint itself which is a well-reputed name.

There is no evidence of App Stack containing any Malware, Spyware or Keylogger as well. Also, the app is completely safe from potential hacking attacks.

Can you delete App Stack?

As we learned earlier AppStack is nothing but bloatware that keeps popping up ads for the app recommended based on the apps you have installed using AppSelector.

It is quite easy to delete or uninstall AppStack from your Samsung Sprint phone using the standard method. Go to settings>apps>App Stack and select disable or uninstall.

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Is it safe to delete AppStack?

AppStack is, however, a factory-installed app on Samsung Galaxy S series phones but like other bloatware, it is easy to remove it and uninstalling the App stack is completely safe.

Are AppStack and App Stack the same?

AppStack stands in deep contrast to App Stack bloatware. This bloatware is a factory-installed app on Samsung sprint mobile phone with the sole purpose of showing ads on the device about the apps you have not installed o the device.

App Stack is a marketplace for business owners, managers, and IT professionals. You can find, subscribe to, and manage cloud apps for use on third-party devices using AppStack.

Final Words:

Appstack is pre-installed bloatware on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S series phone. The basic purpose of bloatware is to display ads related to other apps. These ads are most annoying and users might want to remove or disable the Appstack notification which is easy. Uninstalling the Appstack is quite easy and removing it doesn’t affect the normal operation of the device. Don’t forget to check our ABOUT section for other information guides for Android.



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