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What is com.osp.app.signin on Samsung Android?

What is com.osp.app.sign in on Samsung Android phone? It's an Android package responsible to run the sign-in tasks on to Samsung member account on...
What is MDMApp on Android? Com.samsung.android.mdm

What is MDMApp on Android? Com.samsung.android.mdm Package

MDMApp or Mobile device Management App is a pre-installed system app software on Android accountable to let administrators monitor, manage, audit, and secure corporate...
What is Finder app on Samsung Android

What is Finder App on Android? Samsung S-Finder

The finder app on Android is a recently introduces feature on Samsung Android phone followed by Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. The app AKA S-Finder...
Not Registered on Network Android

Resolving Not Registered on Network Error on Android : Samsung

Not Registered on Network error is associated with mobile carrier network you get when there is some conflict with mobile network reception or SIM...
Samsung Push Service

Samsung Push Service : Usages , Benefits and Removal

Samsung push service is an app on Samsung android phones used by the Samsung Android system to send brand-specific notifications to the Samsung phones. This...

Solutions to the S Beam Unresponsiveness in Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series

Galaxy S Beam not working in Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S7, and other Galaxy S and note Series mobile phones is a common problem...
Samsung Recovery Mode

Samsung Recovery Mode : How to Boot and Use Recovery mode in Samsung

All Android phones including Samsung itself comes with a built-in booting mode called recovery mode. This recovery mode booting is different from the default...
Samsung MirrorLink

What is Samsung MirrorLink? How to Use it?

This article explains a detailed guide about the Samsung Mirror link. What is the Samsung Mirrorlink and how to use it? Also, we shall...

How to Disable KNOX on Samsung Devices

Samsung Knox security agent was introduced to Samsung Galaxy device as a security feature to protect user data from unauthorized usages and access. Soon,...
How To Fix Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped on Samsung

How To Fix “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped on Samsung”

"Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped" or "com.sec.imsservice has stopped" is a quite common error every Android user may have encountered. But, What is IMS...